Fun Things

Teahouse (Memorial Park)

I usually get the milk tea with 3/4 sugar, which I love love love! Best bubble tea hands down! This time, I tried the milk tea with 2% milk instead of the default creamer. See the difference in color? I was expecting it to be nasty, but it actually wasn't bad. I'll try whole milk next time and report back.

Movie Night at Tiny Boxwood's

Movie night at Tiny Boxwood's every Saturday at dusk, about 8pm. I loved everything except the fact that you can't order food when you're on the lawn. And the movie, this week...Magnificent Seven, was a bit hard to stay awake through all 2 hours. Other than those two things it was great! I think a fabulous idea for a date!

My Big 4-0!

Add favorite current and life-time friends, great food & spirits, and some good ol conversation...makes for the perfect 40th celebration.  Details on where and how much below. 

This super relaxed an casual event was pretty inexpensive...globe lights from C&D Hardware were $30 /box, here are a total of 4.  Canvas tarp $20 from Home Depot.  White table covers $3/each from Arnie's Party Supply, 2 were used here.  I happen to have to burlap table runners that I purchased from Battery Operated Lights.  Votive candles can also be purchased at Arnie's.  Cushions and pillows were from lawn/patio chairs and around the house.  Blue Ball jars for flowers were from Michael's, $1/jar.  The Korean BBQ was a hit and a crowd favorite.  It was purchased from HMart, marinated short ribs $11/lb.  Cupcakes were made by a guest, Jennifer.  Veruca Salt cake $66 from Fluff Bake Bar.  Super inexpensive party that created the perfect ambiance for my special day!  

Dog Show

My girlfriend, Susan invites me and of course, I said yes.  Surprisingly, this is my first time!  You would think I would have been before.  It was my first time and I did not come prepared.  My allergies were acting up and it was very very uncomfortable.  It was mostly what I was expecting, dog show, booths, and even human things to shop for.  I didn't bring my dogs as I didn't know it was allowed, which is silly why I thought I couldn't bring them.  Tons of dogs, for show and not for show.  I've posted here some pictures from my phone, the cutest, most interesting, and fun dogs.  I thought there would be more neat gadgets and stuff for dogs, but nope, a few things I've had on my list, weren't here either.  One being a leash for 3 dogs.  It gets pretty tangling walking 3 dogs, so that would be a great invention!  However, I did get an ID tag for my little one, Lily.  Enjoy!

Galveston Food & Wine Festival

We were super excited about going to this.  There were 3 ticket options, $135 for the VIP combo, $90, and $65 for the grand tasting.  It was a smaller affair than I expected, but I still had a good time.  It was hot, so it was nice to camp out under the umbrella.  Our ticket gave us access between 2-5pm but by 4pm, the food was out.  There were lots of free wine, but after a few tastings, I needed to slow down since I was the designated driver.  Janice, got to try a lot more brands than I did, however, we both agreed the Skinny Girl Cab ended up being the best thing we tried.  We didn't care for the white or rose, but the red was actually really nice.  I gotta remember to pick up some of that!  It was also nice to visit Market street in Galveston.  I hadn't been back in a while, but looks like they're totally back up and running.  It's a great town, reminds me to come visit more often.