Teahouse (Memorial Park)

I usually get the milk tea with 3/4 sugar, which I love love love! Best bubble tea hands down! This time, I tried the milk tea with 2% milk instead of the default creamer. See the difference in color? I was expecting it to be nasty, but it actually wasn't bad. I'll try whole milk next time and report back.

Steel City Pops (Heights)

With all the hub bub, I had to try! I visited twice since my first visit, once with my girlfriend Jennifer and the second time with the husband and kiddo. The pops are $3 and so far I have tried the Mango, Coconut, Avocado and Strawberry Lemonade. All pretty good, the Coconut is the best of the creamy pops, the Strawberry Lemonade for the fruity pops. Fun place!

2nd Cup (Heights)

It's new, in the Heights, on 11th, next to Andy's Cafe.  It's kind of a cool space.  I can't remember what I thought of the coffee.  Staff was pleasant and friendly, but the atmosphere was a little cold and maybe too much empty space.  It looked a little too unfinished.  It looks like a place with potential, but at this point, it's not a place I think's missing something... 

Fluff Bake Bar (Midtown)

You know, I really love FBB, but I went to the new Midtown location and pretty much bought one of everything they had.  Unfortunately, we weren't really impressed with any of the cakes we got, birthday, carrot and pbj.  I love macaroons, but even their macaroons were subpar.  We did enjoy the couch potato cookie and the Oreo sandwich cookie. Other than that everything else was just ok. I was disappointed.  Maybe, I should just stick to the veruca salt cake.  By the way, if you like macaroons, try the Lemon Lavendar at Common Bond, it's  make ya slap ya momma good!

Ruggles Black Desserts

Oh my!ย  Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Oreo Cheesecake...I tried them all and the Strawberry Shortcake was the best, in my opinion.ย  This is not gourmet stuff, just good, big Texas sized desserts to fill the bellies.ย  Not the best place for a good cappuccino either, but I find most places don't really know how to make a cappuccino. Coffee might be a better choice.ย  There dessert tray is a little excessive.ย  I think it has 40 desserts on it.ย  Anyways, it was alright.ย  Service was good.

Hugs & Donuts


Small place.  Long line.  The wait is nothing in comparison to how long we've all been waiting for this place to open!  We came by yesterday just after lunch and they were sold out and closed.  Today we made sure to show up early, however it did cost us going to our class at church.  The things I do to bring you all information!  

I ordered 6 glaze donuts, 1 coconut lime, 1 lemon meringue, and a dozen of cake holes.  In the car, on the way home, I tried the cake holes and they were definitely different and they were tasty.  Not too thick, but definitely more cakey than I'm used to.  Not too glazed or sweet, but overall texture and taste was great.  So far so good.  The glazed donuts were actually a little disappointing.  I guess waiting all this time, I had done a lot of following of their progress on Facebook.  I thought they were going to be closer to Krispy Kreme quality and taste than any old donut shop.  Unfortunately, that was my take and Matt thought they weren't even as good as Shipleys.  On another note, I had these new doughnuts from Shipleys, they were the yeast one, and oh my gosh they were good.  I usually never go back for seconds, but I had 2 of them!  If we weren't out in public I might have even gotten a third!  

Ok so back to Hugs & Donuts doughnuts...I tried the coconut lime, it's ok.  The lemon meringue also ok, better than the coconut lime, but it's probably just because there was more umph to it because of the filling.  The coconut lime was just a little bland.  So overall, a bit disappointed, but not a bad place to go for just some regular old doughnuts.


I'm not really big on scones because they're mostly dry and tasteless, but I had this blueberry scone at Brasil and it wasn't dry or tasteless. It was actually pretty good. I was pretty surprised at how good it was. They've really vamped this place up over the last years. I really like how they dropped the ceiling to add central air, creative and pretty! It looks great against the wood ceiling too. Sharp!

Woodbar (Montrose)

From the owners of Shade and Canopy.  They have a small bar bites menu and I was told a dinner menu, but we just stopped by just for wine and cheese.  Doesn't this cheese plate look awesome?  The cheeses were ok, the bread was fantastic as well as all the other fun items, jam, nuts, honey, grapes, super great and delicious.  I got the Red Passione and loved it!  Super full bodied and fruity, I loved loved it!  It's a cute place, they also have pastries and coffee during the day.  Also, Woodbar is connected to Canopy.  I do plan to revisit for the daytime goodies!

Fluff Bake Bar (Heights)

First and foremost, let's talk location, where it is.  In case you're like me and don't know anything about Fluff Bake Bar and use google maps...and then end up driving around in's inside Revival Market off of White Oak and Heights!

I let the gal behind the counter choose the best stuff and she loaded me up!  I could not keep up with the names, as you can see, I really did load up.  But, I will describe my favorites.  This cake-like dessert in this short plastic container was divine!  So many different things going on, tastes, textures, delish!  Also, my favorite cookie was this one to the top right (pictures on my blog).  I have no idea what it was but it tasted like it had toffee, lightly sweet, somewhat sticky, yum yum yum!  I also really loved the lemon tart pound cake!  The others were all great too, but these were my standouts!  Definitely a good spot for yous with a sweet tooth, like me!

Bosta Wine & Coffee

Love this wine & coffee bar...well at least the atmosphere.  The pastries were not so great, but it was at the end of the night, we gave them a pass on this visit.  The coffee was pretty good, but as you an see foam art needed some work.  Matt made some crass comment about what it looked like, I'll spare you the details.  I will definitely be back, after all it's next to the Museum cafe, which is another place on my list of to dos.  This place does remind me of one of my favorite coffee shops in NYC, La Columbe!  Maybe, why I like it so much.  I'll have to visit again and test their goodies again, until then...

Common Bond Bakery (Montrose)

Opened yesterday, Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to visiting!  News crew is here, not sure what channel.  I walk in and love the interior.  Tons of sunlight, airy, bright!  I love a bar around the perimeter of the cafรฉ too, somewhere I can set up shop and work.  I'm standing in line and it doesn't look like they have a ton of options.   Maybe a handful of pastries...but they do look amazing!  With the recommendation of my helper, I get the chocolate croissant and the bosoft.  I also want the cheese Danish, as it's my favorite...but they're out.  I get to the cashier, order a vanilla almond milk latte, and they are out of almond's 9:30...AM!  The line is long and cashiers slow, so far, I'm not having the greatest experience....obviously they're still working out the kinks...

I sit and have the chocolate croissant...amazing!  So flakey, delicious, and the chocolate was off the charts good!  The salted caramel macaroon I ordered wasn't in my take away  I do stay till lunch and order the grilled cheese and soup.  O...M...G...the grilled cheese sandwich is amazing!  The bread, the!  The food really makes up for all the bread is out of this world!  I mean it's all very simple tasting, but the quality is amazing.  I'm really impressed.  I can't remember the last time I had so much bread...that bread...and I can't remember the last time I had an entire sandwich in one sitting...that mm mm...

Ugh...I ate too much bread.  I had the regular eclair and was very distracted by the fact that there was chocolate cream inside instead of the regular creme and can't say I liked it, but dang that chocolate creme was some good chocolate.  I ordered another salted caramel macaroon and wow...that was absolutely delicious.  So yummy!  Sweet, tasted and looked like real caramel, so so very good.  I also had a bite of the chocolate chip this is a real chocolate chip cookie, unlike the that cookie everyone at Tiny's raves about.  This whole bakery is just top notch!  Everything I tasted was A+ quality.  Very very good, I'm really impressed!

I also got to meet Roy, the owner/chef...he sure knows his food!

Fellini Cafe (Rice Village)

To finish off date night, I yelped a dessert and coffee place, saw Fellini got some good reviews and there we went!  Great location and nice little outdoor patio space to enjoy beautiful days like this one.  On entering the cafe I thought, ooh, nice and modern, very chic, maybe even a little European.  We order a coffee, a vanilla soy latte, and with the help of the cashier, we get an almond cookie, a coffee eclair, a citrus powder cookie, canoli, and a tiramisu.  Wow, what a disappointment!  Other than the almond cookie, everything else was so bland, totally tasteless, or just not very good, which was fine, sometimes pastries are.  I tried my vanilla soy latte, wow...that quite possibly is the worst latte I've ever had.  The expresso was just bad.  You can always tell if a latte is going to be good by the foam and if they can do good foam art, it's a sure bet.  Their foam was a very sad attempt at a heart or maybe a fetus.  Needless to say, I took one sip, another to make sure and did not drink the rest.  However, the guys behind the counter were really great, super nice and helpful, but this cafe does not measure up to my sweet tooth standards, at all.  Minus that almond cookie, which was really good.

Boomtown Coffee (Heights)

I would guess Boomtown has been around, not too long, not too recent.  On walking in, I found myself not really loving it.  It also smelled like people had smoked in there at one time, but that can't be because it has been around, not too long.

The guys at the counter are really nice.  I order the "Clean Sweets" cookies and they are both really awesome!  They both tasted, surprisingly good.  I say surprising because they don't look very tasty, but they were!  They weren't too sweet, but had substance and good texture.  On drink, I was planning to order a soy latte but saw the "Salted Caramel", and that's what I got.  It was good, but wasn't over the top.  I was expecting it to be a lot sweeter, but it wasn't, and I liked that.  Also, when they draw the little art on the latte, I unconsciously think it's a better latte, thus a better coffee house.  For one, I don't think you can do the art drawing if the foam isn't the correct kind of foam.  It usually does taste better too.  I have found most baristas at the more commercial coffee houses do not know how to make good foam.  But, Boomtown makes really good foam.

Everybody in there is there to do whatever they came to do.  It didn't feel like a people watching place, which is nice.  It took a little bit, but I liked it and it's right around the corner from my office, which will be a nice place to go when I need to work but want to be out of the office.  It's a nice alternative to Antidote.

Flying Saucer Pie Company (Crosstimbers/Shepherd)

Not to be confused with the Flying Saucer in downtown under St. Germaine Lofts, which is a bar.  The Flying Saucer Pie Company is all pies!  Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Key Lime, Pecan, etc...they have it all!  It's way off the beaten path, formerly located on 20th street.  It's a far ways away.  I think I would make a trip out for one of their special pies, but lately, I've only stopped by on the way to a get together in the area.  

My husband worries about the location when we visit late at night because of the fact that it looks like they have 3 bullet holes in the front glass door.  Well, some might claim the pies might just be worth taking the risk, as FSPC says, "our pies are out of this world!".  I don't know if I would describe them as "out of this world", so that you won't expect more then what they are.  They are just good pies.  FSPC says strawberry cream is the most popular, which I had last time.  Which was definitely good, simple, good crust.  This time I got the chocolate pie.  I know I've had this one before and did like it.  Key lime might be the next on the list!  If you like you some pie this is probably the place to go.

3 Brothers Bakery (Washington)

3 Brothers Bakery on Washington is now open!  They're celebrating the opening with sample treats, cake, boston and apple cream pie, bread, etc, definitely go by, now!  They have every kind of dessert, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, bagels, macaroons, cookies, and the list goes on!

I purchased some customer favorites and sampled them all with friend, Oscar.  He loved the eclair!  Said he loved the balance between the not so sweet cream with the sweet chocolate on top.  I think I have had better eclairs.  I also tried the lemon bar, peanut butter, sprinkle, chocolate chip, and Mexican cookie.  I think my favorite was the Mexican cookie, which is different from the sand tart because it has walnuts and not pecans.  Finally, it's nice to have a bakery in the neighborhood instead of having to make a trip to Rice Village.  A great one stop shop for all baked goods.

Sweet Paris Creperie

Very cute place, crepes were delicious.  We had four crepes between Jimy and myself.  Two savory, 2 sweet.  I was stuffed, but what was I to do, just try one crepe?  Here's the low down, I had the vegan crepe, which was great!  It had beans, corn, and a few veggies, with an Indian kind of spice, very good.  Jimy got the Chicken Carbonara because they said it was the most popular crepe.  He said it was very good and that I was messing up his violins play softly in the background...or maybe just in my head.  I took one for the team too and totally over ate, for you...all my faithful followers.  

I asked the crepe guy, who happens to be Moroccan, I know this because Jimy asked, because he's from that side of the world too...anyways I asked the crepes guy what is a favorite sweet crepe, he said the apple, so that's what we got.  Jimy saw Oreos & Cream and never mind his diet, we ordered that one too!  They were both good, but after I tried the Oreos crepe, I couldn't go back to the apple.  All very good and such a cute place.  Definitely recommend!