“Soo Kim is a consummate professional. She is why we use realtors. Soo gave us a knowledgeable market and property assessment. She made appropriate suggestions of what we needed to do to make our house marketable and show well. As we do not live now in Houston, she handled all the repairs, decorations, staging, and purchasing of materials. She got the work done on time and in budget. Soo stayed in constant communications with us throughout the selling process. Some realtors communicate too little, some too much. Kim was just right. With the improvement of our property's presentation, and good pricing, we got a lot of traffic. Plus Soo did several open houses. When we got an offer, she worked with us and the buyer's realtor to keep negotiations professional and open. We reached a price agreement that my wife and I were very happy with. If you want a knowledgeable, hard working and professional realtor who gets the job done, go with Soo Kim. Soo is the best realtor with whom we have worked.”

~Steve & Judy B.

“Soo Kim is absolutely the best. She is organized, driven, and extremely knowledgeable about all real estate issues. I highly recommend her for your home purchase and home sell. She will do the job and do it quickly and correctly!”

“Soo is great and really works with you. She's good at keeping up with all the loose ends and if she doesn't know something she's honest about that. She's level headed and keeps you on track if your emotions play into your decision making. She's best for selling and buying homes but gets the job done quickly when renting a home as well. Top quality realtor.”

~Jessie L.

“I have bought and sold many homes over several years, through a number of realtors. Soo Kim is by far the most professional and responsive realtor with whom I have worked. The experience could not have been better. I intend to recommend her to any and all of my friends and colleagues in need of a realtor.”

Larry S.

“Soo is so great to work with! She kept me informed through the whole process... I don't know how I would have made it through without her. She was super diligent about reminding me to get everything done on time. Also, she's a really great agent. She has great connections with pretty much any person/company you could ever need when getting a house ready to sell. She's experienced and smart. 10/10! I've used her twice and would recommend to anyone searching to buy or sell a house in Houston.”

~Melinda L.

"When I met Soo, I was not looking for a realtor, I was just asking a question about a property she had listed. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge. I made an appointment to meet her and afterwards I was literally blown away at how much information she taught me in such a short amount of time as well as her excellent presentation skills. Soo is honest, dependable, personable, intelligent, friendly, professional, and considerate. I highly recommend her! "

~Sal S.

"Dealing with other realtors, be VERY thankful and grateful that you have Soo Kim on your team! She is fantastic!!"

~Paul & Lauren

"Soo was patient yet knew when to give us the right push towards the house we closed with. She understood our preferences and style and was quick to act in a very tight market. It took us 6 months to find a home with her, and we've been looking about 1.5 years prior to meeting her. Any requested information or documents was received promptly. Soo's professionalism and use of docusign greatly reduces the stress in home buying. Five stars."

~Peter & Amy

"Soo Kim was an exceptional resource to have in your court when selling a home. She gave suggestions and feedback through the entire process." 

~Kimberley M.

"It was a real pleasure working with Soo Kim. It's always nice to work with a professional who is also a delight to be around. Soo has a very strong understanding of the real estate market, and equally important, she understood what my needs were as well. In addition, Soo has a tenacity to get things done quickly & accurately when deadlines are closely approaching. I would highly recommend her, and would use her again for my future real estate needs."

~Matt E.

"Soo is great. She pays attention to your needs and wants and finds suitable houses for you to see. She is patient and will give honest opinions about the places you visit. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful with regards to the market and the procedures involved in buying a new home. Lastly, her great personality makes the entire process a fun and enjoyable one."

~Jan & Frankie

"My agent, Soo Kim, provide excellent service throughout the entire selling process. She marketed the home well and I had an offer within a week of the listing. She was always available for questions and handled every aspect of the sale for us. It was a wonderful selling experience!"

~Nathan & Jenny

"Our experience with Soo was fantastic. During our sale process, the big contributing factor her experience was presenting the house. She came in and was able to find ways in highlighting the best attributes of the house through staging and re-organizing. The house showed very quickly and went through the close process very smoothly. "

~Chris & Esther

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