Fluff Bake Bar (Midtown)

You know, I really love FBB, but I went to the new Midtown location and pretty much bought one of everything they had.  Unfortunately, we weren't really impressed with any of the cakes we got, birthday, carrot and pbj.  I love macaroons, but even their macaroons were subpar.  We did enjoy the couch potato cookie and the Oreo sandwich cookie. Other than that everything else was just ok. I was disappointed.  Maybe, I should just stick to the veruca salt cake.  By the way, if you like macaroons, try the Lemon Lavendar at Common Bond, it's  make ya slap ya momma good!

2638 Greenbriar - 2/2, $2700 Lease in Upper Kirby!

This beautifully renovated home is located in the Upper Kirby district with tree lined streets near fabulous restaurants and shops and centrally located between the city's most desired neighborhoods. This home offers 2-3 bedrooms, 2 baths, boasts a spacious interior, over-sized rooms, tons of natural sunlight, French doors, crown molding, framed door trims, hardwoods and custom drapes throughout, a wood burning fireplace, and recessed lighting creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Soo Kim
Broker Associate
The Reyna Group

New Listing in Eado! Modern 3-4/2.5 w/ Rooftop Terrace!

Come check out this modern freestanding home with a rooftop terrace! This home has an open living with a highly desirable 2-story plan! It has the latest & greatest finishes, granite counters, dark cabinetry, SS appliances, 10' ceilings, 3 bedrooms plus a study/media room, real hardwoods, transom windows & plantation shutters throughout, walk-in closet, built-ins, covered back patio, rooftop terrace & private driveway! This home has it all and is only 2 streets from downtown in blooming Eado!


Soo Kim
Broker Associate
The Reyna Group


Bonjour Montreal!

I was really looking forward to the Montreal portion of our trip, hoping it would be much like Paris or atleast remind me of it.  It did.  I especially love how French is the native tongue and I was glad I was right about the French French or French Canadians not being rude.  Although, we tend to only speak with those in the service industry, but I quite like the French.  Some of the persons with more bilingual capabilities are so impressive.  It's such a cute town, lots of character, love Old Montreal, which is where we stayed.  Mount Royal was so beautiful.  It's nice to see nature in true fall...gorgeous!  We didn't have much time in Montreal, but we enjoyed this small, beautiful city with all it's cultural diversity while mostly only French speaking people, a romantic city!

Touring & Tasting Toronto!

We had a wonderful time in Toronto.  The weather was great, except the last day of rain, but overall great walking weather.  The restaurants, shops and sites were fabulous.  We had a few things on our list we wanted to see, CN Tower, Distillery District, shop and eat and the rest was up to the wind.  Our favorites were our hotel Gladstone for it's uniqueness, creativity and art, Terroni, Drake, Wvrst, and Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie for atmosphere, service and food.  Wish we had more time.  It was good seeing you again Toronto!

Visiting Northville & Detroit Michigan

On Northville, I'll be honest, I was thinking podunk, but I was wrong!  It is so cute!  At least their downtown was. It's generally a small town, you know big chains, etc, but they have a great charming downtown and believe it or not, some places with really great food.  In their downtown their bookstore had one copy per book, hehe.  They have cute little shops and Rebecca's Family Restaurant had really great omelettes and an amazing banana nut breat!  Still thinking about it.

Isn't Northville so fall?  We're not having much of a fall in Houston.  We get lucky if it gets a little cool in Houston.  No, but I thought Northville was great, but you do run out of things to do.  So on to Detroit we went!  I'm so glad Matt was ok with us going to Detroit.  I really really really wanted to see it.  Especially with some of the research I had been doing, it looks like there is a strong arts and culinary culture.  We hit up one spot for brunch before our Canadian roadtrip, Dime Store.  Super urban cool, food was great and we got a chance to walk around downtown Detroit, it's not as unsafe as everyone makes it out to be.  Atleast not in downtown it isn't...see my pictures!  I thought their downtown was very nice, maybe even nicer than Houston's...nice on a more interactive scale, that is.  And we actually got pulled into a broadcast interview for the local news!  I hope we get a chance to see that!  Anyways, it was great to meet you Detroit!

Wooster's Garden (Midtown)

We got to experience Wooster's Garden for my good friend, Chef Niki's, pop-up Ramen event.  I had not heard a word about Wooster's, but really loved the atmosphere!  It felt much like a biergarten.  I love biergarten's by the way.  They're so festive and so conducive for social greatness!  Love love them.  You like a dark corner?  Got it!  You like sitting at the bar?  Got it!  You like sitting outside?  Sitting in and outside at the same time?  Got it!  Got it!  Tons of variety on how you like your social outtings.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  I think they could probably use some help on organization.  We weren't sure if we were supposed to order at the bar or if someone was coming to us.  Other than that, we enjoyed the ramen, the sides, and the beers!   Fun night!

Popping into Helen Greek Food and Wine (Rice Village)

All I need is to hear a little buzz and I'm there.  The latest buzz and we were excited to visit this weekend when we got a chance to get out was Helen's located in Rice Village.  I believe they took over the Kahn's Deli that was formerly there.  Super cute place, small and cozy.  We didn't make a reservation, but got lucky and were seated immediately.  However, call in for a reservation a day or two and you should be good.  

We had  a great server, she reminded us of Jennifer Garner and said she did get that often.  She was great, she directed us towards, in order that the dishes came out, fried squash interesting flavors and textures, the Greek salad was fresh but so many tomatoes we were almost stuffed trying to finish it off.  It wasn't what we were used to for a Greek Salad, but we assumed it might be the way a Greek salad is traditionally done back in the mother land.  Then our chicken entree came out, we only ordered half which was great because in hindsight I think we, overall, ordered too much.  But again, the chicken and chips below it were good, interesting flavors.  Next was the butter pasta, wow, super buttery, but after awhile, I just didn't notice it as much.  This dish was my least favorite in taste because it was so heavy, but the tile pasta was different and like I said, I didn't mind the butteriness of it as much.  We finished off with desserts, Ricotta Mousse (they're most popular) and we also ordered the Baklava, which was not her recommendation.  She also suggested the Pistaschio dessert, but Matt really wanted the Baklava.  I don't blame him, it came in a super adorable presentation, in one of those iconic Greek paper coffee cups!  The baklava was not to my liking...I don't really like chocolate and cinnamon in my Baklava, I realized.  But, Matt liked it.  Oh and the mousse...it was fantastic, as she suggested.  And my apologies, but I can't seem to find their menu online so I'm not totally sure what the official names of the dishes were.  

It's more of a mild version of fine dining for Greek food, not so much casual, as most people associate with Greek food.  We really liked the restaurant.  It's a great place for a date or small groups.  We enjoyed the atmosphere, service and the food very much!  Fun place, the perfect spot for our date night on this beautiful evening!

Trying the Newly Opened Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts (Heights)

Well, it's about what you think...just fried chicken and donuts.  A little odd of a combination, but hey...there must be something to it or else they wouldn't be doing it.  They do have a Kale Salad on the menu...I wonder how many people are ordering that.  

The place is brand spanking new, first day opened...and we get there at 730pm and they're open till about 10pm or as they said, when their fried chicken is sold out.  We order the combo #3, which includes 2 breast, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 drumsticks.  Of course we ordered some donuts, we're not party poopers.  We got 3 glazed, 2 jelly, and as suggested the bacon and praline.  I'm not sure what Matt was thinking with the jelly donut, but who am I judge...I'm all about nostalgic experiences.  I eat mash potatoes with white gravy and a white roll strictly for the nostalgic reasons.  

The fried chicken has to be the best fried chicken I've had since the whole fried chicken movement.  It's super tasty, crispy, flavorful!  We all agreed the fried chicken was really good.  I have to tell you, just thinking about it is making me crave it!  And surprisingly the doughnuts were really good too!  I liked the glazed doughnut the best.  I find it's hard for doughnut shops to get the glaze to dough ratio right.  Shipley's does it right and Krispy Kreme does it right, other than that...most fall short, incudling, in my opinion Dunkin Donuts.  Anyways, I was pretty impressed.  However, the two they high suggsted, apple fritters, which I didn't get to try, sold out, they said were their most popular item.  She also suggested the praline bacon, which I thought was a little too sweet and way to much on it.  I'm a big fan of mixing bacon with the unexpected, but for me and Matt this one wasn't that great.  However, the 14 year old did like it. I took a bite of their jelly doughnuts and did not like it.  We also got the potato salad and coleslaw, which I thought were also both good...we were all on the same page, Lee's gets 3 thumbs up!  Definitely worth the try!  

Truffle Egg Salad at Local Foods

This dish single handedly sabotages my entire diet!  I'm not really on a diet, but I do try to eat healthy and this meal gets me everytime.  I dream about this meal.  Now, I know it's not for everyone, but for those of you that have similar tastes as me, it's delish...mm mm mm...so good.  Definitely go try!  I try to find something new here, but I haven't been able to move off the Truffle Egg Salad Sandwich yet.  Mm!!

Velvet Taco (Washington Corridor)

I have noticed this business in the neighborhood go up and then open but, no strong desire to visit until I saw a write up on it and so it's where our Friday dinner is.  It's pretty cool and hip, big place and quite a bit of a crowd.  The menu is pretty cool, a lot of things that appeal to me.  I had a bit of a hard time choosing, but with the help of the employee, I chose the Poke taco and Grilled Flank Steak Taco.  I liked the Ahi Poke, healthy and light, but it is probably the most expensive item on the menu, at $6.50.  But, it's definitely an item I can put on the regular menu and be happy with.  You know, a gal has to watch her girlish figure!  The other taco...the Grilled Flank was a little bland, but I did request all the heavy, fat stuff on the side...so, it's understandable it was a little boring.  Matt got the Pulled Pork and he and Ethan both got a Brisket Taco.  Ethan did not like the place at all, but you know, he's 14.  He's not exactly a foodie.  The more plain, the more he will like it.  He took a few bites of his taco and hated it...too much stuff on it.  Matt and I both liked Velvet Taco and preferred it over Torchy's.  Anyways, that's my short, two cents.

Also, I think this creamed corn thing was complimentary, but not really sure.  It might of been what was supposed to be on my Flank Steak taco, but probably not.  It was a pretty big helping.  Nice place!

Asia Market Restaurant Open!! (Heights/East of 45)

Like everyone, I too was wondering if Asia Market's restaurant had opened yet.  I did a cursory search and kept finding the new owner's of the grocery store, Asia Market Thai Lao Food.  But it is not to be confused with "Asia Market Restaurant", which is on the other side of 45...just a few short minutes.

On arriving, it's actually a nice space inside.  It was good to finally see the owner's after several months of not and it was good to see them in their new space...finally.  However, it was unclear to Jodie and I what the protocol was.  We sat for so long, we thought I was supposed to go up and order at the bar.  But, we figured it out and a server finally came and greeted us after 15 minutes.  They're definitely a work in progress, still trying to figure things out.  Looks like they have all new staff and the food seemed a little different.  But, the owners assured me the cook is the same and has been with her since the beginning.  Ok well, maybe just an off day.  

Anyways, I plan to be back with everyone else I've introduced to Asia Market because I'm super supportive of the owners and they need a lot of support.  It's got to be the scariest thing to open a brand new business and they could use all the help in getting the word out, so spread the word, they're officially open!!

Dishes above are the Thai style Papaya Salad, med spicy, Kee Mao Noodles with Chicken, med spicy, Crispy Rice Salad, and a small order of Sticky Rice.

Three Days in Santa Barbara!

And a last stop over back in Los Angeles.  Pictures of food, in order, Los Agaves, Arigato, McConnell's Ice Cream, Tupelo Junction Cafe, Mesa Verde, Persona Pizza, Anderson's Bakery, D'Angelo's Bakery, and lastly Kang Do Hong Dae Restaurant (Los Angeles)...all great!  You would think the highlight of the trip was skydiving for sure, but it was not!  Instead We did the highest jump in the nation, 18,000 feet and I think we all permanently damaged our eardrums!  Jumping out of the plane was frightening and exhilarating, I'm glad I did it, but it was definitely not the most comfortable experience.  I enjoyed the paddle boarding the most, the great eats and as an acquaintance of mine says, "friendship time".  We had full days and we really enjoyed our girls trip to Santa Barbara!  Beautiful city!

Dessert at Sul & Beans (Koreatown)

And had to finish off our Korean dinner with shaved ice of course. I don't know how to say this particular flavor in English, but it's the rice cake powder one. It was so good. The ice was not like the typical shaved ice, not icey, but fluffy powder-like. We three loved it!

Jun Won (Koreantown)

I mean, if you're going to be in Los Angeles, you have to have Korean food!  I looked up Jun Won  Restaurant, who seems to get really high marks from the local scene.  Getting there was pretty easy, finding the actual restaurant was another thing.  We walked around the building, followed a sign, went up some stairs, then down some stairs, ended up back on the front side of the building and then looked a little more carefully and saw a door finally that kind of looked...oh yes, there's a sign "Open", and someone sees us and opens the door, thank God, else we might have just given up.  It is really a nondescript place and after looking at the menu were questioning why we were here.  But we decided to stick it through and I have to tell you the service was great and the food was awesome, super flavorful and tasty!

We ordered the bean soup (dwen jang jigae) which tasted an in between of traditional bean soup and kimchi soup.  We loved it, it was really good, cooked really well.  The spices and soup had all seeped into the tofu nicely, yum, perfection.  We also ordered the kimchi with pork dish and that was really good too.  Again, marinated through and all the spices and flavors were really seeped into the kimchi and pork.  Our server recommended this combination instead of the 2 soups we were going to get.  She strongly suggested and we're glad she did.

We had another friend come, late, an hour late and they were so nice to remove all the old dishes and prepare her a new setting with new side dishes and heat up the soup for her along with her order.  That was unexpected and we were all very impressed with their service!  But do keep in mind the menu is heavy on the fish, which everyone there seem to know.  Mostly Koreans, which is always a good sign.  I love this place!

Sqirl For Lunch in Los Angeles

I ate too much!  The food was so good.  Much creactivity and pure deliciousness, mm mm good!  All these unexpected flavors, the tart, smooth, ahhh...delicious!  I feel inspired just eating the food!   Definitely try the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl, I added a couple more poached eggs to balance the protein carb ratio and also added some kale and avocado, at cashier's recommendation....great suggestion!  And also got the Brioche Blackberry and Peach Jam...Blackberry better.

There was a bit of a line, but I came in just after 1245pm so figure there should be one, but it wasn't out the door or anything.  Nice place, a must try!  I know, this place is old news to the locals, but to me it's new and so fresh!  I love love it here!  Love the creativity, I want to take this cute little dive back with me to Houston!