1311 E Park at Shady Villa (Spring Branch), $399,900!

Wonderful 3/2.5 brick with sought after features including free standing, 2 story, hardwoods downstairs, carpet up, living on the first floor, all bedrooms up, with spacious and open island kitchen, formal dining and separate breakfast nook, fireplace, 2 Nest systems, flagstone backyard, and private driveway! HOA includes Grounds, Limited Access Gates, Water and Sewer. Great opportunity to live in the Spring Valley area!


Soo Kim
Broker Associate
Greenwood King Properties

5207 Blossom (Rice Military) Near Memorial Park, $479,900!

Lovely brick patio home with 3-4 bedrooms,2 full bathrooms& 2 powder rooms!This unique and functional home has a most desired floor plan w/living on the first floor,all bedrooms on the second floor and an oversized gameroom with a powder room on the third floor!This home has been renovated and updated w/the most wonderful finishes including custom drapes,Emtak glass and bronze door knobs, Marble backsplash and tile,French Antique plumbing fixtures, hardwoods,ss appliances,newpaint,&much more!


Soo Kim
Broker Associate
Greenwood King Properties

Flower Piggy (Longpoint/Gessner)

I have to be honest, I love this owner personally after frequenting his restaurant on Longpoint called Bonga.  It's where I go out to eat my Korean food.  So I have been noticing Bonga has been getting excessively crowded these days and last time I went he told me to go to his other restaurant that they just opened called Flower Piggy.  So the loyal customer that I am, 2 days later, here I am trying it for the first time with my mother for lunch.  The side dishes come out and they were ok, half I liked, half I didn't.  For my main meal, I ordered the bibeembap, which is rice, beef, and veggies in a hot stone bowl, which was actually pretty good.  My mom got the mul naengmyun (water noodles), her usual and she liked hers as well.  We also love the owners, they are super nice and sweet people!  The wife/cook came out and chatted with us a bit.  I think it's her and her son that's running this one.

The decor, like most Korean restaurants, is lacking.  I'm pretty sure they did nothing after taking over the old place here.  Maybe a new coat of paint, gray and just other little things.  I would some really neat things, like a sit on the floor area, like they do in South Korea.  Anyways, I digress...great option, if you don't really care so much for atmosphere.

New Listing in Cinco Ranch Greenway Village!

Wonderful 5/3.5 home including study & gameroom in the coveted Greenway Village of Cinco Ranch!Many updates from granite, backsplash tile,plumbing and light fixtures,bathrooms, paint,roof (2011),heater,built-ins,surround sound speakers, and much more! Former model home surrounded by beautiful, mature oak trees, playgrounds,parks,picnic area, basketball court,pools & competition swimming pools right in the neighborhood! Quick access to Fielder elem,I-10,HEB,Whole Foods Market,and more!

more photos at the link below:

Soo Kim
Broker Associate
Greenwood King Properties

Pho Binh (Heights)

Well now...Vietnamese food hits the Heights!  Is it good, is it not, is it going to make it...well, that's what I came to find out!  They've been 1 week opened...and me and Matt both are with somewhat low expectations, open, but a little apprehensive.  As I'm looking to see what their hours are, I do find out there are several Pho Binhs in Houston.  The manager says third one, and he's Vietnamese and so are most of the employees.  Good sign.  There are servers that are not, but that's ok, it still feels authentic.

I ordered Pho Ga, Matt ordered the Pho Tai and we also ordered Vietnamese egg rolls and the Vietnamese coffee.  The coffee came out first, it wasn't bad.  Not the best I've had.  It was quite a hefty serving in a plastic bubble tea-like cup.  Good ice.  Our Pho comes out and yes...it's good!  The temperature was great, hot!  The taste was good too!  We both liked it.  We did notice they brought us both our own individual plate of greens, which is different.  We noticed they were kind of limpy.  The lime slice was teeny tiny.  I happened to notice there was a big portion of noodles in my soup and when the manager came by to check up on us, I told him about it and he said that there was someone that came in the week before that complained there weren't enough noodles.  I asked him if they were non-Asian and he said yes.  Well, what they don't get is you're not suppose to have too much noodles because it expands and overtakes the soup!  Anyways, we got a laugh about that.  

Just like an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, where nothing comes in order, our egg rolls come at the end of our meal.  The rolls were ok, again not the best we've had.  We did also notice they brought us one piece of lettuce leaf with the egg rolls.  I guess they didn't think we would use it...so we had to ask for more and our server came out with a plate with one more leaf...haha!  We got a laugh out of that too.  Also, I don't know if they were having ac issues or it's normally like that, but it was hot in there too.  But, all in all, we liked it and it will probably be our go to pho spot, simce it's much closer than Simply Pho.  They seem like they're ironing out some kinks, but we liked the pho and that's what really matters the most...and they seem to care.  Good job on the grand opening.

Uchi Chefs!

Big shout out to the best chefs around town, Son, sushi chef and Niki, jr. Sioux Chef!   Best food and service in town!!  Y'all always make our dining experience a welcoming event!

New Listing in Harpers Preserve Conroe, $410,000!

This stunning 4-6/3.5 home in a master planned community on a desirable lot backing up to a lake boasts an open and spacious family room,formal dining,sunroom,study,gameroom,&a media room! Upgraded interior features include plantation shutters & blinds throughout, hardwoods, stone front exterior &fireplace,granite,oil rub bronze knobs,ceiling fans, gutters thruout entire home.Brick back patio,oversized 3 car tandem garage,a neighborhood pool, park &easy access to 45,Exxon campus, &the Woodlands!


Soo Kim, Broker Associate, Greenwood King Properties

Mala Sichuan (Montrose)

I know...the food looks so good, doesn't it?!!  But, it's not!  Well...let me explain.  I went in there with no information, other than that it's new.  Nice looking place, I'm glad they finally got something good in this location.  In the former Mo Mong location.  We really came in with no knowledge of anything, so we asked our server about some of the pictures posted on Yelp and he recommended the Dry Pot Beef, Crispy Chicken, Dan Dan Noodles and I ordered the Water Spinach.  

He failed to mention that both the main dishes, Dry Pot Beef and Crispy Chicken had pepercorns in them and the more you ate the more it affected your tastebuds and after awhile, we couldn't eat anymore.  It affected our senses in a bad way and even the water tasted like sprite or something.  It really turned us off and when our server came back to us, we asked him what was in the dish that made our mouth go numbish and he looked at us puzzled.  Then he said...maybe it's the peppercorn.  I was amazed that he had no idea what we're talking about.  He even said no one has ever mentioned anything.  I checked the reviews on Yelp and come to find out it's not a strange thing, but common.  So watch out for those dishes with the peppercorn and definitely don't order more than one of those!  That was a really odd experience.

To be fair, the other dishes were good.  I liked the Dan Dan Noodles and the Water Spinach.  I don't feel great motivation to go back, but if someone wanted to, I would go back.  I did also read on Yelp that the restaurant prides itself for not altering the dishes to fit American taste, but a warning would be nice.  So go, but beware and eat at your own risk!

Max's Wine Dive (Montrose)

Did you know?  I didn't know there was a Max's Wine Dive over here on Fairview across from Boheme.  It's a much less crowded space which is really nice if you're just wanting that good old Southern Fried Chicken from Max's.  Our server was a young man, adorable, and fun...but my whole night was runined by a roaming cockroach...under our table.  They always find me!  

Fat Bao (Upper Kirby)

Oh Fat Bao...who's been on my to do list for quite some time.  I'm glad I finally got to check this one off my list, but honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with it.  It wasn't bad or great, just good, no fireworks or anything special.  I got the Pork Katsu Bao and the day's special Spicy Thai Chicken.  They were both good, but I wasn't overly impressed with either.  Matt got the Pork Belly and the Peking Duck, and said they were fine, the boy got the Big Byrd Bao, which is a fried chicken bao and he said his were ok.  The one thing we all liked were the Fat Fries, but other than that, I don't have much else to say...my curiosity has been officially cured.

Peska Super Fresh (Post Oak Blvd)

Yes yes, it's new!  They said 2 weeks officially, but only 2 days for lunch?  I might have gotten those numbers wrong, but whatever it is, it's really new for lunch.  The restaurant is nice, open, minimalist, cold atmosphere, but nice, pretty.  They have a seafood market, you can buy items and take home, interesting concept.  They have this one sculpture in the ceiling, that looks like a school of moving fish, pretty neat.  Staff is great, especially our server.  He reminded me of something of the past, visual style vintage, gentlemenly and pleasant.

Going with Jacob's suggestions Jimy and I both ordered the special which includes one appetizer and a main entree for $27.  Jimy got the ceviche app and I ordered the tuna tostada and we both ordered the market fish, which happened to be snapper.  I thought the snapper was nice, my tostada could use some tweaking.  I know it was the taco, but it sort of tasted stale, which I know it wasn't.  It might have just been the combination that made it seem that way.  I didn't totally love it.  However, the tuna on it was excellent.  We also ordered a dozen of oysters, which were good, but somehow the horseradish was left off the tray, which I'm not sure if that's standard or an oversight, but we got half way through it and it just wasn't the same.  The oysters were good, but I'm still a newbie at the whole oysters thing, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  The cocktail sauce was not pizazzy at all, says Jimy.  I'm not a big cocktail sauce kind of person, but I did notice it did seem a little watered down or something.  Horseradish and lemon, is all I need!  So I was pleased, just wished it was there from the beginning.  Instead they had 2 other dipping sauces that neither of us cared for.  Jimy actually tried the oily looking one and had a sour face for the next few minutes till he swallowed.  

We also let our sever pick our dessert which were the doughnuts.  Neat, fun, cute, and interesting, but just ok for us.  But over all, it's hard to not think the seafood is super fresh with it all sitting in the glass casing over a bed of ice...so that would be my opinion, super fresh.  Nice, neat, and fresh!

Coltivare (Heights)

I've been pronouncing it wrong all along.  Coltivare is pronounced "colt-a-vhar-a".  Anyways, it's been awhile since I've been back, but despite that long 1.5 hour wait, it's a great local place to pop in for dinner.  They have a nice garden so at least it's a nice atmosphere.  Go with someone you like and it goes by like a breeze.  Today we went with David and Diana and we had a great time.  I was inspired by their veggie garden.  I'm still working on the placement of my garden...stay tuned...

Goode Company Taqueria

Had me some really good Pecan Waffles! Highly recommended by Jason and Karen B. and they were right, it was really good! I'm glad I got the ala carte else I would have eaten two waffles!  It was a great day to visit too as they had a big ol backyard space!  My clerk was kind of rude, but that's ok, it didn't ruin my waffles.

Special Delivery!

My best friend, Denyse, who lives in Las Vegas with her husband and two children were finally ready to add a little puppy to their family.  It would be their first so Denyse enlisted me to help her with the process.  We found the pup through a breeder in the Dallas area, Pat with Karyon Shih Tzu.  We picked her up, flew her to Vegas and surprised the kids with her.  I'm happy to report, everyone has fallen deeply and hopelessly in love with her, including me!  She is not missing out on attention, that's for sure.  I will miss her, but she's definitely where she belongs with her forever family!  Whew what a whirlwind weekend!  

Ula's Mex+Tex (Washington Corridor)

Old Coppa spot on Washington.  Nice atmosphere.  Guacamole was great, chunky not super mashed up.  Beef fajitas were tasty. I like it when it's a little tangy.  The corn tortilla were thick, salsa a little spicy, margaritas were pretty good too, but we thought the service was lacking. Our server was friendly, but they forgot to bring our corn tortillas, didn't refill our salsa, chips or tortillas.  Overall, ok experience.