Mercantile (Rice Village)

Cute!  I love this location!  Not sure if the Montrose location is still there, but this one is much better!  The interior could use a little help, but coffee is good, so that makes up for it.  And on a beautiful day like it was yesterday, add the awesome people watching spot, it was perfect!

Little Liberty

Stumbled upon this gem, knew it existed, but wasn't sure where it was...and though it was  a great spot, the food was only ok.  The cheesy grits were awesome!  The interior layout is pretty much the same as it was when it was Ruggles Cafe, but the design is different.  We both got the egg scramble and like I said, it was ok.  Maybe, I'll try it again, this time Waffles!

Trying Ginger & Fork (Washington Corridor)

A friend of mine really wanted to visit, a week later, here we are.  This used to be Pagoda, which didn't make it but since then, this has been the third restaurant occupying this space.  Nice house.  Based off of the exterior I'm not sure what to expect, high quality or low...the interior was ok...I started to notice things that made me realize it was looking like an average restaurant.  But, we were still excited to try the food.  The craft cocktails were interesting.  I'm pregnant so I got a mocktail, which was just ok, but I wasn't expecting much.  I didn't like either of the cocktails Oscar ordered, I think he thought they were ok too.  Now...about the food!  On the Happy Hour Menu we ordered, which was suggested by the owner, the Spicy Tofu Cubes, which was ok, Pork Dumplings, also ok, Cha Siu Sliders, again ok, and the Chow fun with Beef, which was the best, in my opinion.  Oh yes, we also go the Fried Rice off the main menu and Oscar thought that was the best.  Nothing we tried was bad, but nothing was very exciting...overall, I thought the food was all right and nothing special.  And...I didn't really love the interior decor either...ho hum...

Nest Thermostat On Sale!

If you've been wanting to update your thermostat to the automated Nest thermostat like I have been...then this post is for you! These are typically $250 brand-new and never go on sale. But right now you can get them at Verizon wireless stores for $200! I got 2 and updated both myself! They're pretty easy to install. I even had to do a little spackling and some touch up painting, my first time ever. I got both my from the Verizon wireless retail store next to Starbucks on Yale and I-10.


If you haven't been, it's a must visit! 5 stores in one, basically a Bed Bath & Beyond, but 100 times better. Great place for fun gift ideas! These stuffed animals would be great for someone starting a baby nursery with an animal theme! :)


It's actually my first time here, I know this has been here awhile.  We just happen to have some family in town and were eating at Coltivare down the street.  It's a nice place for ice cream!  I asked for some help on the flavors and the cashier said the Pistachio and Gingerbread were top favorites.  I got the Gingerbread, not something I would normally pick, but she was right, it was really good!  I was craving coconut, so that was my second flavor.  We all really enjoyed it!  Tasty!

Blackberry Lemon Cake

At Whole Foods Market is so good! People always comment how nice it is, subtle, light and tasty! Just the way I like my desserts! I know I have blogged about it before but thought I would post again just to emphasize how yummy it is.

The Kitchen at the Dunlavy (Lost Lake Allen Parkway)

I had heard from one friend they loved it and heard from another friend the food was mixed reviews.  We decided to go Valentines weekend and what a day!  Perfect for an outdoor brunch!  Unfortunately everyone had the same idea!  The line was out the door, but a fairly quick line.  The breakfast menu is pretty small, I ordered the Avocado Toast with Scrambled eggs and picked up the Fruit, Granola over Yogurt with Chia Seeds.  Matt ordered the Breakfast Sandwich (Eggs, Bacon, Kale on English Muffin) and a coffee, and Ethan ordered 2 Cranberry Rosemary Biscuits, the Blueberry Cake and an Orange Juice.  Matt and I liked our meals, he said the coffee was good too but, Ethan only really dug into the Blueberry Cake but he thought it was too sweet.  I tried it with the icing and thought so too.  He doesn't ever want to come back.  He's a total breakfast person and their limited menu was not to his liking.  I tried his biscuits and they weren't bad.  He said his oj was good though.  I guess this will be a me and Matt place.

Neither one of us loved it, but we liked it.  The atmosphere is nice, but the overload on chandeliers was a little confusing.  The food is actually priced reasonably, but the chandeliers make it seem fancy, which is sort of conflicting.  Anyways, it's a nice place, great outdoor space, if you can find a spot.  They have heaters outside too, which made it a really comfortable spot, inside was freezing!  All in all, nice place.

Hmart Cafeteria (Spring Branch Area)

Of course Korean food is my comfort food, so when I was feeling a little under the weather and needed some simple soup, Hmart was perfect place to hit the spot!  This is the...Gom Tang from Yori Yori.  It's basically a soup with a beef base, real simple, super bland which is what I was in the mood for.  And the kimchi radish goes perfect with it!  Jay got the tofu soup from the clay pot station.  And since I always have a hard time waiting for my food, Korean Kim Bahp is a great appetizer to start off with!  

Look Who...

We ran into at our V-Day double date....the Mayor Silvestor Turner!  Also, if you've never been to Holley's Seafood, you probably have not had the best coconut cake ever!  A must must try!  Super super delicious!  And the This Fish for Two was also pretty good and the rice was tasty!

Modern 3-4/2.5 w/ Rooftop Terrace in Eado, $420,000!

Come check out this modern freestanding home with a rooftop terrace! This home has an open living with a highly desirable 2-story plan! It has the latest & greatest finishes, granite counters, dark cabinetry, SS appliances, 10' ceilings, 3 bedrooms plus a study/media room, real hardwoods, transom windows & plantation shutters throughout, walk-in closet, built-ins, covered back patio, rooftop terrace & private driveway! This home has it all and is only 2 streets from downtown in blooming Eado!

Soo Kim
Broker Associate
The Reyna Group


Eight Row Flint (Heights)

You know that old gas station on Yale and 11th that was being converted...well it's finally opened!  I got a chance to try 8 Row Flint and I really liked it!  It's got 4 tacos on the menu, Brussel Sprouts, Chicken, Pork and Beef.  They also have chips with salsa, guac, or queso.  And of course they sell whiskey, lots of it, beer, and other mixed cocktails.  

It's a really nice atmosphere.  Super open and casual and looks like they're drawing a great crowd, a nice mixed crowd, which is nice.  Sasha and I sat at the bar, she ordered a mixed drink with orange peels, I wasn't in the mood to drink so I just ordered chips, salsa, and the guac.  On food, we enlist the bartender's help and she says she's only been there a week but she says the Brussel Sprouts Taco is the most popular, but she likes the Pork best, and since I'm not a huge pork fan I ordered the Brussel Sprouts and the Chicken Taco and...the Brussel Sprouts was sooooo good!  So good that I ordered another one and made Sasha try it and she thought it was sooooo good too!  The chips and salsa were great too.  I loved the thick chips.  I definitely want to come back and have that Brussel Sprouts Taco again.  

The kitchen is located in the food truck in the back of the lot.  Interesting idea.  Those big barrels contain whiskey, which is kind of neat.  You can see the tubes neatly organized along the barrels around the walls and onto the pouring spouts.  Really nice decor, cozy, fun, casual, really cool place.

Samurai Noodle

I'll be honest, I wasn't that impressed. It might be what I ordered, the Spicy Chicken Ramen. The inside of the restaurant was ok, but just looking around it just seemed a little unclean. It's probably due to the high traffic, but even the condiments looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a while. I may try it again, try something more popular, but you know, with all the great restaurants out it's hard to give a place a second chance...but I will try.

Tip, I suggest going with the soft noodles, ramen noodles al dente does not taste good.

Hunky Dory in the Heights

I wasn't expecting anything really, wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew the outside looked pretty interesting.  As I'm walking onto the property I notice more and more interesting items.  Nice little herb garden outside, nice outdoor sitting area, nice entrance, bar, dining area...and I also noticed there was a lot going on with the decor.  There's industrial, mid century modern, lots of different colors, patterns, textures...lots going on inside, so much to look at!  But overall it was nice, comfy.

Our sever, the grey fox, was great, super helpful and pleasant.  I ordered the green salad and the Snapper Tartare for my meal and Janice got the Chicken Tikka Masala.  My salad was interesting, light and some good textures, raisins, pistachio, kind of sweet, but not too sweet.  My snapper on a chip was excellent. I am uber picky when it comes to my seafood and this snapper was very nice, fresh!  Janice says she liked her Masala.  I took and bite and it was pretty good, rich.  We also ordered 2 desserts, one the Lemon Pudding Cake and we asked him to surprise us with the other...he brought out the Dark Chocolate Terrine and it was a fabulous choice!  We liked that more then the Lemon Pudding.  Not overly sweet, great textures, smooth, really delicious!

We enjoyed our experience very much and I will definitely put this on the list of new restaurants to take and introduce people to!  By the way, same owner as Feast and Bernadine's.