Acai Bowl at Juiceland


@juiceland Acai Bowl “Wunderland” was pretty great, I would have to say even a leg over Beet Box’s!Didn’t love the little red things on top, I think hemp, but I ate it all anyway!Gotta lean how to make these babies, thanks @larryjsimmons04 for putting them on my radar! 


Juiceland’s Acai Bowl “Wunderland” was pretty great, I would have to say even a leg over Beet Box’s!Didn’t love the little red things on top, I think hemp, but I ate it all anyway!Gotta lean how to make these babies, thanks Larry for putting them on my radar! 

Beet Box Blend Bar


 Thought of this place when I was getting over a stomach bug… And it was  just the perfect thing for my sensitive stomach! 


And this is the #Kaleshake.  You can taste the bits of dates and ginger, it’s creamy and good.  It’s ginger strong, but I guess that’s what makes it healthy.  They say it’s one of their popular ones.  


And this one is the Signature Greens, fresh and lemony.  Matt tried it too and liked it but said when it tastes really good it probably has a lot of fruit, which it does. Sorry no make up, still getting over my stomach bug!


And since I’ve never had one before, had to try the Açaí Bowl, this one is with blueberries, bananas and was pretty tasty and Liam liked it too!  Great substitute for a sweet treat too.

Mint Thai Kitchen on Waugh


Looks good huh?  It wasn't.  Really mediocre Thai food, really.  The complimentary egg rolls are bland, the Pad Kee Mao Chicken is ho hum, not the tastiest.  The Pad See Ewe was spicy and even less flavorful.  I don't have much else to report back.  Spend your money at Asia Market, much better than this joint.

Cabos Baja Tacos on Washington


That meal was very unimpressive...I got the pescado and second taco and Matt got the pastor and pescado too and we were both disappointed and left feeling very underwhelmed.  Liam got the chicken quesadilla which was ok.  The corn on the cob was actually ok.  A little creamy for my liking but did have a nice flavor.  Overall, just an ok experience.

Kirby Ice House


The atmosphere was great.  I thought it was odd they didn’t serve food, but they have food trucks outside.  Today they had the Waffle Bus and some other truck I can’t remember what the name is.  Would have been nice if they had other options, but better than nothing.  The space got crowded, Astros World Series games was on, great crowd, super fun atmosphere!

Izakaya Wa Sushi on the West Side of Town


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.  I’m really sensitive when it comes to sushi and my friend, Cecilia, who I think is equally sensitive said she really likes this place so I was on board.  Nothing really special about the restaurant, there was a little bit of a wait, it’s a small place.   I have to tell you...the sushi was awesome!  So fresh!  I got the peppercorn tuna, hamachi and tuna nigiri and man oh man, was it good!  The Hamachi/Yellow Tail was so buttery, so tasty I ordered 2 more!  I also ordered the 5 Spice Roll with sauces on the side, which I didn’t think they needed.  And we also got the Hamachi Carpaccio, so good, everything!  I wish they were closer in, it would definitely be my go to sushi spot!

Asia Market Thai-Laos Food (Store)


I was really hoping the new, old spot had great food, and most of it did, the crispy rice and papaya salad were good, but the Pad See Ewe was so fishy I could not eat it.  I did let them know and they agreed it did not tast right, brought out another one and t looked better but tasted the same.  They were nice enough take it off the ticket.  I may try the Pad Kee Mao, next time.

New Listing in Katy/Cinco Ranch Greenway Village, $389,900!

This wonderful home has a rare floorplan w/ 4 bedrooms & 4 full bathrooms! This home features an updated and inviting kitchen, updated cabinetry, paint, ss appliances, hardwoods throughout. The master and study (currently being used as a bedroom) are located on the first floor, each with its own full bathroom! Two bedrooms and the gameroom are located on the second floor. Zoned and walking distance to Fielder Elementary! 

The Reyna Realty Group

85C Bakery Now Opened...


at I-10 and Blalock!  And it's not that busy either.  And the highly recommended by friends, Premium Milk Bun was there and I didn't think that much of it.  My favorite is still the Brioche and Liam loves it too!  It's just simple, lightly sweetened and just nice.  Definitely go by this one and not the one in Bellaire Chinatown where you have to wait in a long line...outside...and then enter the crazy madness inside.  The one on blalock is calm, quick and easy! 

Free Paper Shredding...


at Vanish Shredding!  I called around few places and it's generally around $1 per pound and I had about 100 lbs to I'm glad a checked out a few more places and luckily I found his company in the Spring Branch area.  It was easy to find, I dropped off my files at this bay and he took it and that was it!  Super easy.  However, free shredding are limited to certain days and times and others are by appointment.

Paik's Noodle House (Spring Branch)


This one comes from my mama. She recommended us try this new noodle house and she said this dish is the best, it's for sharing which works out because it also tastes the best, she says. It's called the "Jaengban-jjajang"...and I have to agree, it was really tasty! I was thinking we were coming here to eat #5 "jjajangmyeon", but she insisted that one isn't that good. So take mine and my mom's word...get #7 "Jaengban-jjajang" because it is tasty! Delish! The atmosphere isn't that great, more cafeteria style, but you obviously come here for the food and it's inexpensive, this dish was $13.99 and fed us both. Anyway, go check it out!

Solar Eclipsing at Hughie's (Heights)


While everyone is sort of watching for the Solar Eclipse, it was cloudy, Hannah and I are trying Hughie's in the Heights for the first time!  We were really impressed by the Spring Rolls, probably my second favorite place!  Then we ordered the Vietnamese coffee and I still think Simply Pho has the best Vietnamese coffee, but this probably came in a far second.  I'm not a fan when the coffee taste burnt or over roasted, which I thought it did a little.  Anyway, for eats, I got the Lemongrass Tofu, which came highly recommended by our server, which I was underwhelmed by, thought it was bland and nothing quite special.  And Hannah got the Shaking Beef, which she liked and I tried, and I can't quite remember, but I think I thought it was good.  I'll probably have to try something else, and I will be back for sure based on their Tofu Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Coffee.  After lunch, in homage to the special day, we decided to Solar Eclipse our bellies, keke!

Amorino (River Oaks District)


Cute place, I like the idea...which is that you can get as many different flavors as you want, although they got my order wrong and only gave me 3 flavors, just saying...anyway, I thought the general idea was good, and they shape the ice cream into flower petals, which is cute...but only if you get the cone.  The cup version is just shaped like regular ice cream.  And like pictured here in Bradley's cone, you can also get a macaron in the center, fun!

Mandolas Deli


Well 4.5 stars, I have to try this!  I can appreciate a mom and pop shop.  The customers love this place, I chatted with a woman just super excited about this place, practically had everything on the menu!   My opinion, the food was decent but I think 4.5 is a little stretch, sorry, that's my honest opinion. I was a little disappointed too.  My spaghetti was ok, the Italian Sausage was good.  The salad is just normal but the Italian wedding cookies were yummy! Overall, decent experience, it was ok.  But don't let me sway you, you may love it!

Pi Pizza (Washington Heights)


I ordered a pepperoni pizza with fresh jalapeños and I was kind of not expecting it to be that great because of the low ratings, but I thought the pizza was real nice!It looked fresh and tasted great!I also ordered the side Arugula salad and it was disappointing how small it was but I thought that it was pretty good too with the pumpkin seeds.This will definitely be a regular spot for us!By the way, sometimes the pepperoni can taste very gamey, like Luna's and Pizarro's, but it was great here!