Cafe Borrone (Palo Alto)

It's just eggs, but somehow it's really good. Tasty! We came thinking waffle but after seeing others eats, we decided on French Toast with the help of the cashier. The French toast was really good too! Love that they pile on the fruits! The atmosphere is ok but there is a lot of sunlight so that's nice, huge outdoor area too. Excellent food!

Breakfast at Plow (San Francisco)

This spot satisfies my love for creative and delicious food with inspired spaces.  These two dishes are the Plow and the Omelette.  The Plow, really really good, but the Omelette was just ok.  We were both not hungry anymore because we had to wait an hour and we ended up walking over to Farley's for a coffee and a Carrot Zucchinni Bread.  Even still...we both thought the food was excellent and highly recommend!

Falafel Stop (San Jose)

For fast food category, I definitely and undeniably give Falafel Stop (FS) 5 stars and I am not generous with 5 stars. The overall experience was so great. We walked in and the manager was so personable and inviting and explained to us this is Israeli style food, which I've never had. Let me tell was sooooo good! I mean in the Mediterranean category, my favorite is Lebanese and I haven't found a style that I like better than that, but this is super comparable. It was sooooo good. I told them what I liked to eat and they recommended the Falafel plate and said that one plate was enough for my and Jen. I really liked that too. That he wasn't trying to up sell us. Man, the flavorful and I loved all the veggies on there. He brought is a little sample of the baba ganhoush, not sure on the spelling there, but that was really good! I might have even liked that a tad better. Slightly sweeter. Uh! Me and Jen were gushing over how delicious the food was. Great experience!

Mercantile (Rice Village)

Cute!  I love this location!  Not sure if the Montrose location is still there, but this one is much better!  The interior could use a little help, but coffee is good, so that makes up for it.  And on a beautiful day like it was yesterday, add the awesome people watching spot, it was perfect!

Little Liberty

Stumbled upon this gem, knew it existed, but wasn't sure where it was...and though it was  a great spot, the food was only ok.  The cheesy grits were awesome!  The interior layout is pretty much the same as it was when it was Ruggles Cafe, but the design is different.  We both got the egg scramble and like I said, it was ok.  Maybe, I'll try it again, this time Waffles!

Trying Ginger & Fork (Washington Corridor)

A friend of mine really wanted to visit, a week later, here we are.  This used to be Pagoda, which didn't make it but since then, this has been the third restaurant occupying this space.  Nice house.  Based off of the exterior I'm not sure what to expect, high quality or low...the interior was ok...I started to notice things that made me realize it was looking like an average restaurant.  But, we were still excited to try the food.  The craft cocktails were interesting.  I'm pregnant so I got a mocktail, which was just ok, but I wasn't expecting much.  I didn't like either of the cocktails Oscar ordered, I think he thought they were ok too.  Now...about the food!  On the Happy Hour Menu we ordered, which was suggested by the owner, the Spicy Tofu Cubes, which was ok, Pork Dumplings, also ok, Cha Siu Sliders, again ok, and the Chow fun with Beef, which was the best, in my opinion.  Oh yes, we also go the Fried Rice off the main menu and Oscar thought that was the best.  Nothing we tried was bad, but nothing was very exciting...overall, I thought the food was all right and nothing special.  And...I didn't really love the interior decor either...ho hum...

Nest Thermostat On Sale!

If you've been wanting to update your thermostat to the automated Nest thermostat like I have been...then this post is for you! These are typically $250 brand-new and never go on sale. But right now you can get them at Verizon wireless stores for $200! I got 2 and updated both myself! They're pretty easy to install. I even had to do a little spackling and some touch up painting, my first time ever. I got both my from the Verizon wireless retail store next to Starbucks on Yale and I-10.