My second visit and again, just thought the food was ho hum. The appetizer is probably the best thing...tuna tartar over avocado. Here is the chopped salad, add chicken which I thought was ok at best.  The funny thing is when I asked the server to recommend their best dishes, he recommended the Almond Trout!  The dish I had before.  I couldn't believe it!  Has he tasted it?  It was so bland, how could that be one of their best dishes?  Maybe it's just me.  Susan got the Lobster Bisque, she said she's had better. And our server said the Strawberry Napoleon was the best, we thought it was good, but not really outstanding. I think the best part about Toulouse is the atmosphere, the food needs a little tweaking.

New Lease Listing, $3900 (Woodland Heights)!

Handsomely remodeled bungalow with formal living and dining in the front of the home and kitchen and great family room located in the center of the home. Great open, spacious living space with high ceilings. Private driveway allows for 4 cars with 2 covered spaces. Can't beat the location! Make this your home in the tree-lined streets of this wonderful neighborhood in the Woodland Heights!

Soo Kim
Broker Associate
The Reyna Group

Jonathan's The Rub

Wow, I was not impressed with the physical restaurant, but the food was quite the opposite! I mean it's sautéed spinach, how good could it be? It was real tasty, and flavorful. Mac and cheese was pretty great too. The porterhouse was pretty good, and that coconut cream pie! Not as delicious as Holley's but it was a close second! Definitely impressed by the food!

Toulouse (River Oaks)

I mean...I have no idea when this little shopping center popped up!  But, it's all up and ready and it's really posh and super nice!  A little dead on traffic and people...until you walk into Toulouse!  Gorgeous, love it, beautiful restaurant!  But, I'll make this short and sweet, the food was all just ok.  I wasn't really impressed at all.  I had the Almond Fish and it was pretty much tasteless.  I was a little shocked at how unflavorful it was.  The appetizer was pretty good, but everything beyond that was just ok, to me.  The restaurant and atmosphere were really nice.  Love this shopping center, I shall be back!  Although they say it's a little dead because it's so high end...only really luxury brands in this center.

Cafe Borrone (Palo Alto)

It's just eggs, but somehow it's really good. Tasty! We came thinking waffle but after seeing others eats, we decided on French Toast with the help of the cashier. The French toast was really good too! Love that they pile on the fruits! The atmosphere is ok but there is a lot of sunlight so that's nice, huge outdoor area too. Excellent food!

Breakfast at Plow (San Francisco)

This spot satisfies my love for creative and delicious food with inspired spaces.  These two dishes are the Plow and the Omelette.  The Plow, really really good, but the Omelette was just ok.  We were both not hungry anymore because we had to wait an hour and we ended up walking over to Farley's for a coffee and a Carrot Zucchinni Bread.  Even still...we both thought the food was excellent and highly recommend!

Falafel Stop (San Jose)

For fast food category, I definitely and undeniably give Falafel Stop (FS) 5 stars and I am not generous with 5 stars. The overall experience was so great. We walked in and the manager was so personable and inviting and explained to us this is Israeli style food, which I've never had. Let me tell was sooooo good! I mean in the Mediterranean category, my favorite is Lebanese and I haven't found a style that I like better than that, but this is super comparable. It was sooooo good. I told them what I liked to eat and they recommended the Falafel plate and said that one plate was enough for my and Jen. I really liked that too. That he wasn't trying to up sell us. Man, the flavorful and I loved all the veggies on there. He brought is a little sample of the baba ganhoush, not sure on the spelling there, but that was really good! I might have even liked that a tad better. Slightly sweeter. Uh! Me and Jen were gushing over how delicious the food was. Great experience!