Flying Saucer Pie Company (Crosstimbers/Shepherd)

Not to be confused with the Flying Saucer in downtown under St. Germaine Lofts, which is a bar.  The Flying Saucer Pie Company is all pies!  Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Key Lime, Pecan, etc...they have it all!  It's way off the beaten path, formerly located on 20th street.  It's a far ways away.  I think I would make a trip out for one of their special pies, but lately, I've only stopped by on the way to a get together in the area.  

My husband worries about the location when we visit late at night because of the fact that it looks like they have 3 bullet holes in the front glass door.  Well, some might claim the pies might just be worth taking the risk, as FSPC says, "our pies are out of this world!".  I don't know if I would describe them as "out of this world", so that you won't expect more then what they are.  They are just good pies.  FSPC says strawberry cream is the most popular, which I had last time.  Which was definitely good, simple, good crust.  This time I got the chocolate pie.  I know I've had this one before and did like it.  Key lime might be the next on the list!  If you like you some pie this is probably the place to go.