Fellini Cafe (Rice Village)

To finish off date night, I yelped a dessert and coffee place, saw Fellini got some good reviews and there we went!  Great location and nice little outdoor patio space to enjoy beautiful days like this one.  On entering the cafe I thought, ooh, nice and modern, very chic, maybe even a little European.  We order a coffee, a vanilla soy latte, and with the help of the cashier, we get an almond cookie, a coffee eclair, a citrus powder cookie, canoli, and a tiramisu.  Wow, what a disappointment!  Other than the almond cookie, everything else was so bland, totally tasteless, or just not very good, which was fine, sometimes pastries are.  I tried my vanilla soy latte, wow...that quite possibly is the worst latte I've ever had.  The expresso was just bad.  You can always tell if a latte is going to be good by the foam and if they can do good foam art, it's a sure bet.  Their foam was a very sad attempt at a heart or maybe a fetus.  Needless to say, I took one sip, another to make sure and did not drink the rest.  However, the guys behind the counter were really great, super nice and helpful, but this cafe does not measure up to my sweet tooth standards, at all.  Minus that almond cookie, which was really good.