Sweet Paris Creperie

Very cute place, crepes were delicious.  We had four crepes between Jimy and myself.  Two savory, 2 sweet.  I was stuffed, but what was I to do, just try one crepe?  Here's the low down, I had the vegan crepe, which was great!  It had beans, corn, and a few veggies, with an Indian kind of spice, very good.  Jimy got the Chicken Carbonara because they said it was the most popular crepe.  He said it was very good and that I was messing up his diet...as violins play softly in the background...or maybe just in my head.  I took one for the team too and totally over ate, for you...all my faithful followers.  

I asked the crepe guy, who happens to be Moroccan, I know this because Jimy asked, because he's from that side of the world too...anyways I asked the crepes guy what is a favorite sweet crepe, he said the apple, so that's what we got.  Jimy saw Oreos & Cream and never mind his diet, we ordered that one too!  They were both good, but after I tried the Oreos crepe, I couldn't go back to the apple.  All very good and such a cute place.  Definitely recommend!