Coffee Shops

Teahouse (Memorial Park)

I usually get the milk tea with 3/4 sugar, which I love love love! Best bubble tea hands down! This time, I tried the milk tea with 2% milk instead of the default creamer. See the difference in color? I was expecting it to be nasty, but it actually wasn't bad. I'll try whole milk next time and report back.

2nd Cup (Heights)

It's new, in the Heights, on 11th, next to Andy's Cafe.  It's kind of a cool space.  I can't remember what I thought of the coffee.  Staff was pleasant and friendly, but the atmosphere was a little cold and maybe too much empty space.  It looked a little too unfinished.  It looks like a place with potential, but at this point, it's not a place I think's missing something... 

Mercantile (Montrose)

I saw this shop a week ago while in the area showing houses.  It sounded vaguely familiar, but I hadn't heard much about it.  Today, I make it a point to visit.  Quiet little place.  Not the cutest place visually, but it'll do for a quiet place.  It has such a great location, but the interior needs some work.  The barista is nice.  He pours me a coffee, only $2.00 which is nice.  The coffee is actually pretty good.  I'm tired of bad coffee, not to mention names...ahem Blacksmith, ahem Siphon.  I like the big oak trees out in front.  I guess the important thing is the coffee is good and I like the location.