Wooster's Garden (Midtown)

We got to experience Wooster's Garden for my good friend, Chef Niki's, pop-up Ramen event.  I had not heard a word about Wooster's, but really loved the atmosphere!  It felt much like a biergarten.  I love biergarten's by the way.  They're so festive and so conducive for social greatness!  Love love them.  You like a dark corner?  Got it!  You like sitting at the bar?  Got it!  You like sitting outside?  Sitting in and outside at the same time?  Got it!  Got it!  Tons of variety on how you like your social outtings.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  I think they could probably use some help on organization.  We weren't sure if we were supposed to order at the bar or if someone was coming to us.  Other than that, we enjoyed the ramen, the sides, and the beers!   Fun night!

The New Camera Is In!

Finally...my new camera is in!  This is now my 5th Nikon camera in the last 6 years.  Wow, that's a lot!  One of those cameras I lost on a United airplane and of course they "couldn't find it"...sorry I'm not bitter...so anyways, really I've gone through 4 upgrades.  This new one should hold up for a few years, I'm hoping.  Well, I've tested it out and the image above is the result of my all day tinkering.  Thank you all for being patient with my less than impressive photos the last couple of months and probably another few posts till I get the settings right.  I did sell my last lens and upgraded to a new one as well.  I'm excited, can't wait to take some photos!

My Big 4-0!

Add favorite current and life-time friends, great food & spirits, and some good ol conversation...makes for the perfect 40th celebration.  Details on where and how much below. 

This super relaxed an casual event was pretty inexpensive...globe lights from C&D Hardware were $30 /box, here are a total of 4.  Canvas tarp $20 from Home Depot.  White table covers $3/each from Arnie's Party Supply, 2 were used here.  I happen to have to burlap table runners that I purchased from Battery Operated Lights.  Votive candles can also be purchased at Arnie's.  Cushions and pillows were from lawn/patio chairs and around the house.  Blue Ball jars for flowers were from Michael's, $1/jar.  The Korean BBQ was a hit and a crowd favorite.  It was purchased from HMart, marinated short ribs $11/lb.  Cupcakes were made by a guest, Jennifer.  Veruca Salt cake $66 from Fluff Bake Bar.  Super inexpensive party that created the perfect ambiance for my special day!  

Oprah in Houston!

Yes, I was at the Life You Want Weekend with Oprah this past weekend!  It was so awesome!  I took Katie with me and it was exactly what we both needed to get refreshed.  I'm a learner and try to find the lesson in everything so this was right up my alley.  The event was Oprah and her 4 trailblazers each giving their one inspiring message.  I just thought it was so interesting and had so much depth.  I personally thought Oprah's part was the best.  She is just such a great communicator, funny, deep, charitable, inspiring, and has a huge heart.  Super fun event, loved every minute of this 2 day event.  I would do it again if they came to Houston again in the future.

My Bark Box Has Arrived!

As you can see the pups love it!  Especially the chews!  What is it?  It's a box full of treats, chews, new products and toys that comes once a month.  I figured it would be something fun for the dogs, so I went ahead and ordered it as soon as I heard about it.  My box is only $19/month and I figured if it comes to be too much, I could always give it as a gift to my followers.  If you have a pet  and would like to sample or see what one of these boxes are like, post here and the next one that comes in is yours!  This service is not in Houston, but from Brooklyn, NY and you know...not matter where the location, I always support great, fun ideas!

More at Barkbox.com

A Beautiful Winter Weekend in Houston!

This weekend was just beautiful!  My favorite part about it was spending it outside with the dogs, enjoying some coffee with my husband and watching the babies play with their new friend, Kitty.  Good times.

Congratulations to all the marathon runners today, full and half...it was an absolute gorgeous day!  Chilly in the morning and maybe a little too warm in the early afternoon for runners, but overall, a very nice day.  Hope you all had a great or your best race!  Now the best part about it all being over...sleeping in on Saturdays!!