In honor of MLK Day, I went to Sundance Cinema to watch Selma at 130pm in the afternoon.  The entire theater was packed!  The good thing about Sundance is you can purchase your ticket and pick your seat in advance!  Back to the movie...wow, what an inspiring story!  MLK Jr. has always been one of my biggest heros and this movie just reminds me of his human and courageous resolve.  Loved the movie!  Go watch it!

Dog Show

My girlfriend, Susan invites me and of course, I said yes.  Surprisingly, this is my first time!  You would think I would have been before.  It was my first time and I did not come prepared.  My allergies were acting up and it was very very uncomfortable.  It was mostly what I was expecting, dog show, booths, and even human things to shop for.  I didn't bring my dogs as I didn't know it was allowed, which is silly why I thought I couldn't bring them.  Tons of dogs, for show and not for show.  I've posted here some pictures from my phone, the cutest, most interesting, and fun dogs.  I thought there would be more neat gadgets and stuff for dogs, but nope, a few things I've had on my list, weren't here either.  One being a leash for 3 dogs.  It gets pretty tangling walking 3 dogs, so that would be a great invention!  However, I did get an ID tag for my little one, Lily.  Enjoy!