Dog Show

My girlfriend, Susan invites me and of course, I said yes.  Surprisingly, this is my first time!  You would think I would have been before.  It was my first time and I did not come prepared.  My allergies were acting up and it was very very uncomfortable.  It was mostly what I was expecting, dog show, booths, and even human things to shop for.  I didn't bring my dogs as I didn't know it was allowed, which is silly why I thought I couldn't bring them.  Tons of dogs, for show and not for show.  I've posted here some pictures from my phone, the cutest, most interesting, and fun dogs.  I thought there would be more neat gadgets and stuff for dogs, but nope, a few things I've had on my list, weren't here either.  One being a leash for 3 dogs.  It gets pretty tangling walking 3 dogs, so that would be a great invention!  However, I did get an ID tag for my little one, Lily.  Enjoy!