Galveston Food & Wine Festival

We were super excited about going to this.  There were 3 ticket options, $135 for the VIP combo, $90, and $65 for the grand tasting.  It was a smaller affair than I expected, but I still had a good time.  It was hot, so it was nice to camp out under the umbrella.  Our ticket gave us access between 2-5pm but by 4pm, the food was out.  There were lots of free wine, but after a few tastings, I needed to slow down since I was the designated driver.  Janice, got to try a lot more brands than I did, however, we both agreed the Skinny Girl Cab ended up being the best thing we tried.  We didn't care for the white or rose, but the red was actually really nice.  I gotta remember to pick up some of that!  It was also nice to visit Market street in Galveston.  I hadn't been back in a while, but looks like they're totally back up and running.  It's a great town, reminds me to come visit more often.