My Big 4-0!

Add favorite current and life-time friends, great food & spirits, and some good ol conversation...makes for the perfect 40th celebration.  Details on where and how much below. 

This super relaxed an casual event was pretty inexpensive...globe lights from C&D Hardware were $30 /box, here are a total of 4.  Canvas tarp $20 from Home Depot.  White table covers $3/each from Arnie's Party Supply, 2 were used here.  I happen to have to burlap table runners that I purchased from Battery Operated Lights.  Votive candles can also be purchased at Arnie's.  Cushions and pillows were from lawn/patio chairs and around the house.  Blue Ball jars for flowers were from Michael's, $1/jar.  The Korean BBQ was a hit and a crowd favorite.  It was purchased from HMart, marinated short ribs $11/lb.  Cupcakes were made by a guest, Jennifer.  Veruca Salt cake $66 from Fluff Bake Bar.  Super inexpensive party that created the perfect ambiance for my special day!