Breakfast at Brasil

I'm excited because it's Sunday and we missed church due to a longer than expected showing and we're headed to eat but we're a little late for brunch, at most places...but today we found Brasil who serves breakfast till 3pm on the weekends!  Now we're talking!  I mean, you would think it's normal business practice to extend breakfast or brunch on the weekends...because people love breakfast...but no, they don't...except a few places like Brasil!!  So needless to say, we're very very happy.  

Now, I noticed their weekend breakfast menu is different from their weekday.  It seems like there are more items on the weekday menu, which doesn't make sense to me.  I mean, shouldn't your weekend breakfast/brunch menu be bigger than your weekday menu?  I mean how many people get breakfast at a restaurant on the weekdays?  I know I don't!

However, we did notice the guy next to us had pancakes.  We asked how he got the pancakes and apparently they have a specials menu, we missed that.  So, definitely check out their specials menu, which is on the black board near the entry door.

On the food, we thought was good, not excellent.  But hey, I'm not complaining, just letting you all know.  It gets pretty crowded, but there is a good crowd, good for you people watchers!  Alright, that's it for now...till next tiime!