Tiger's Den (Chinatown/Bellaire)

Well Matt and I determined we only hit Tiger's Den at Bellaire Chinatown once every 6 months and feel it's worth the drive for a bowl of really good Ramen.  Although, I don't mind store bought, packaged ramen, since I did grow up on that stuff.  While we're waiting outside for a table, which is normal, we run into some familiar faces and they highly recommended trying the Dipping Noodles.  I did try it and it was really good...super tasty, but really heavy.  It was nice to try it, but I think I prefer the Tonkatsu Garlic Black Bean Ramen because it tastes a little lighter.  We also always like to get a few appetizers, the Ribeye Skewers, Eggplant, and Brussel Sprouts.  I like the Mushroom Medley as well, but we didn't get it this time.  It's never a good feeling, at the end of your mea, when you feel like you can't roll out of your seat...hate that feeling.  

This time we did skip the one appetizer, but traded it for the 2 desserts they had!  We got the doughnuts and the tofu cheesecake.  They were both good, but the doughnuts were really good.  They were light, fluffy, simple, whereas the cheesecake was interesting, but I didn't love the slightly bitter end of it.  Next time, I think I would just order the doughnuts if in the mood for desserts.  They did tell me that people order just the doughuts for pick up, they're so popular.  It was all worth it, a super delicious, pig out meal as always...oink oink.