Downhouse (Heights)

This is not exactly my first time here, but it actually is.  I've had food catered from Downhouse and have walked in once when they first opened, but I'm pretty sure Downhouse has evolved since then.  I just don't remember it being as attractive inside as it is now.  I think more lights have been added or something, but whatever it was, the place looks really great!  I love it's rugged, vintage, rich textures, very nice interior.

I order the stuffed French toast with a side of egg whites, scrambled.  Matt ordered the breakfast tacos and grits.  We both really liked and enjoyed our meals.  I think I ate more of Matt's food than he did.  His grits were so good.  I did not know grits were made of corn, and these grits, you could taste bits of corn, it had so much substance to it, I loved it!  My French toast was good, I think I could have skipped the apple sauce on my French toast.  I did like the pear in the sauce though.  The problem with a lot of breakfast places is that the food is too oily.    My eggs did not feel greasy and there was no oil on the plate at all.  I thought the quality of food was great.  I really loved everything, even our server.  Downhouse will definitely be on the list of regular places to go!