Rare Bird Sightings!

I am always alert when I happen to see a Blue Jay here in Houston, which isn't totally common, but you do see them on occasion. The empty lot across the street from my home is very wooded so we end up having a lot of rare bird sightings. I even saw a wood pecker for the first time!

This bird was so cool, it was walking around with a frog dangling from it's beak and when I got too close for comfort it flew up on this roof and tortured the frog some more and then ate it.

Here is a bird I have no idea what it is, but it sure looked cool.

Up until this year, I had never really seen Cardinals in Houston, except that one time. This year I have had more than a handful of sightings of Cardinals. Here is a shot I took last week of 2 Cardinals on my backyard fence, which is usually a spot where I see Blue Jays.


And my favorite, the Blue Jay, on my backyard fence.


Very neat sightings around town, if you pay attention. To me, always a gentle reminder of the Creator.