Falafel Stop (San Jose)

For fast food category, I definitely and undeniably give Falafel Stop (FS) 5 stars and I am not generous with 5 stars. The overall experience was so great. We walked in and the manager was so personable and inviting and explained to us this is Israeli style food, which I've never had. Let me tell you...it was sooooo good! I mean in the Mediterranean category, my favorite is Lebanese and I haven't found a style that I like better than that, but this is super comparable. It was sooooo good. I told them what I liked to eat and they recommended the Falafel plate and said that one plate was enough for me and Jen. I really liked that too. That he wasn't trying to up sell us. Man, the food...so flavorful and I loved all the veggies on there. He brought us a little sample of the baba ganhoush, not sure on the spelling there, but that was really good! I might have even liked that a tad better. Slightly sweeter. Uh! Me and Jen were gushing over how delicious the food was. Great experience!