Snooze Eatery

Staff is really great here, the General Manager basically stays outside to help with parking, wow! Super nice guys. The place gets super packed, Sunday is their busiest day, so we went on Saturday. The little secret to reserving a seat at the time you want is to swing by, put your name down for a time, is what I was told or you can just put your name down and when they text you, head back over.

I ordered half Benny, half French Toast! I love that they allow that, but it's not on the menu, I just asked and he said yes! So I ordered the Late Harvest Benny and the French Toast Neat, but they kept bringing me the Drunken Monkey! I mean they finally got it right and took it off my tab, but I would have fathered just got the right meal. No biggie, I don't mind a free meal.

On the food, I thought the Late Harvest Benny was good, hash browns tasty and French toast also good, but taste and feels kind of chainy, if you know what I mean. It was nice to try but I don't know that it's worth that hour plus long wait, just my two cents.