Breakfast at Revival Market

Well now...people...did you think I went missing?  I guess I sort of did.  You know how the holidays come bombarding you with to-do lists!  I'm finally done with those lists and now ready for some smooth sailing into the new year!  The last 2 weeks of December always feel so unstable to me.  Nothing is consistent, the days, the work hours, the obligations, events, parties, get-togethers, the family...  It's bitter sweet...hectic, but it's festive and fun.  It's my favorite time of year.  You love it, but you're also sad it's all going to be gone soon.  So as part of my inconsistent days, this morning we decide to go to Revival Market for breakfast.  It was disappointing to see their breakfast ends at 11am.  However, they do have a few all day breakfast items, this picture above being one of them.  I ordered the Traditional Breakfast, $12, which includes 2 farm style eggs, bacon or sausage, and a piece of toast.  We subbed ours with a biscuit which was nice of them to allow.  When my breakfast arrived, the eggs came sunny side up.  I don't eat eggs sunny side up and then realized our server never asked me or matt and ethan how we wanted our eggs.  None of us eat our eggs sunny side up, but that's how we got them.  They were accommodating enough to send mine back to scramble.  They should ask though...

The sausage was really good, the biscuit was really good, but I wish...wish they would keep breakfast open longer.  The full breakfast menu.  It's a small place and it would be nice if they offered that...especially since their restricted breakfast menu looks really good.  Or at least on Saturday and Sunday have breakfast a little longer.  Overall, we enjoyed our meals, just that one wish and it would be the perfect weekend place.

*the picture above is without the eggs since they sent them back to scramble them.