iPic (River Oaks District)

I really loved it and would love to come back as a place to social with friends. Sure the tickets cost double what I pay at Sundance but for the fun atmosphere, I think it's worth it. I tried the Studio Movie Grill at city center and hated it! People walking around taking orders while you're trying to watch the move, very distracting. iPic was totally different! You got the special treatment and nobody was ever walking in front of you, blocking the screen. It almost felt like first class seats on an airline. You can also recline the seats if you want. There's a small pillow and blanket. Food isn't bad and there complimentary popcorn. My only complaint was it was too warm in the theater and uncomfortable for me towards the end. It was a great idea for date night! I'd like to do it again with couple friends and maybe hang out a little more on their awesome social rooms!