Relish (Upper Kirby/River Oaks)

I'm a fairly new fan of Relish.  Relish had been on my to do list since they first opened on San Felipe and I finally had a chance to go maybe less than a year ago.  I loved it!  Other than the not so exciting sitting area, I loved everything else.  When I heard they were moving to Ouisie's Bird and the Bear spot, I was so excited.  I have been checking to see if they had opened yet and finally a week ago, I saw 2 reviews!  I was wondering why the review was so low, then read it and really there was only 1 bad review.  It's not enough to sway me and I guessed I'll just have to make my own opinion before I go...
I enter Relish and love it!  Love the decor!  It's counter service during the day and they say in 3 weeks they will open for dinner, full service.  I just had a baby 6 weeks ago so I'm really trying to eat better when I lunch, so this was going to be my ideal lunch spot!  They have tons of salads and tasty ones too, if I remember correctly.

As of today, I have been 3x and have tried different dishes and observed other meals and received their feedback.  My first lunch was the Kale Salad, which is still my favorite up to today.  My next salad was the Apple Salad and though I liked it, because I'm trying to eat healthy till I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, it's not the optimal choice as it has goat cheese and candied pecans, but it's tasty.  The third salad I tried was the Fig Salads, all salads I had grilled chicken with.  This was my least favorite, but it could also have been that I just had dental implant surgery and my taste buds might have been hindered.  On observations of my lunch mates meals, I've seen the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich, which I was told was good and the fries delicious, not "lack luster" as the first reviewer reported.  I've also seen the Beet Salad, which is not my favorite vegetable, but my lunch mate said it was good, I'll take her word for it.  Also, I've seen the vegetable sandwich, which was said to be good as well.  I've had the cookie, omg so good!  And the rice Krispy, also tasty.

Overall, I really liked mostly everything about this new Relish, especially the decor and atmosphere, food as well of course, but the 2 complaints I had was that when I left, I always felt a tad hungry.  I don't know if there's enough chicken in the salads or what, but it's not as super filling.  Maybe I just have a big appetite, don't know.  Also, the first time I came, I brought the baby and he decided he was going to have the biggest #2 of his life while I was there and as I rushed to the restroom, I found there was no baby changing table, so I had to change him on the floor, with a changing pad of course.  So on family friendliness I don't rate it very high, but that's not an expectation I guess.  It just would have been nice.  Other than those two things, I loved it and definitely will be back more often for the "healthier" options and the great atmosphere.  Oh, and it's also a little pricey.  Salads are already about $15 and add chicken can make your one meal $20.