Glaze Donuts (Katy)

Is this a joke?  I’m looking for Glaze Donuts and I miss it because surely it’s not in the same parking lot as this gas station???  It is...and I am second guessing my decision to buy Ethan Birthday doughnuts from this place but I already preorderd it, they require a 24 hour advance order...ugh!  I’m going to regret this...


And walking in the shop doesn’t help...very ho hum interior too.  I let her know I’m here for the order and decide to order a doughnut, no, doughnut holes to sample the quality.  Of course I pay for the order, and she throws in the doughnut holes and an extra doughnut on the house...this is not helping my perception!  She’s trying to give these things away!  I taste it in the car on the drive back, it’s actually not bad.  It’s not as good as what I’m used to but really not bad at all.


So this is what the Happy Birthday doughnuts look like, cute.  It’s $34 for this box set of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, their default set up.  It might have been excessive, maybe more doughnuts than we can eat, but it looks cool.  I leave it at home and Ethan gets home and texts me if he can eat the doughnuts.  I say yes, I come home later and I see he’s eaten his entire name.  I ask how it was, he said it was good but the strawberry ones were not his favorite, too fruity.  The next day I see dad has eaten the “Y” in BIRTHDAY, I try each flavor...half of 3 letters.  I agree with Ethan’s assessment, the chocolate and vanilla are good, the strawberry is eh.  Actually the chocolate is the best!  The next morning I look in the box, all gone except the strawberry ones, only 3 left from the entire box (the strawberry ones), not bad.  Ethan ate the rest of them FYI...I guess it wasn't a bad buy after all.