Paik's Noodle House (Spring Branch)


This one comes from my mama. She recommended us try this new noodle house and she said this dish is the best, it's for sharing which works out because it also tastes the best, she says. It's called the "Jaengban-jjajang"...and I have to agree, it was really tasty! I was thinking we were coming here to eat #5 "jjajangmyeon", but she insisted that one isn't that good. So take mine and my mom's word...get #7 "Jaengban-jjajang" because it is tasty! Delish! The atmosphere isn't that great, more cafeteria style, but you obviously come here for the food and it's inexpensive, this dish was $13.99 and fed us both. Anyway, go check it out!