Solar Eclipsing at Hughie's (Heights)


While everyone is sort of watching for the Solar Eclipse, it was cloudy, Hannah and I are trying Hughie's in the Heights for the first time!  We were really impressed by the Spring Rolls, probably my second favorite place!  Then we ordered the Vietnamese coffee and I still think Simply Pho has the best Vietnamese coffee, but this probably came in a far second.  I'm not a fan when the coffee taste burnt or over roasted, which I thought it did a little.  Anyway, for eats, I got the Lemongrass Tofu, which came highly recommended by our server, which I was underwhelmed by, thought it was bland and nothing quite special.  And Hannah got the Shaking Beef, which she liked and I tried, and I can't quite remember, but I think I thought it was good.  I'll probably have to try something else, and I will be back for sure based on their Tofu Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Coffee.  After lunch, in homage to the special day, we decided to Solar Eclipse our bellies, keke!