85C Bakery


It's every bit as crowded as they say.  It probably took us about 20 mins to get through the initial line and another 15 in the pay line.  Upon entering yiu head straight back and pick up a tray and tongs and just start selecting pastries.  Some of the items are without labels so I enlisted help from 2 separate staffer and asked what are the best items.  The items that both staffers mentioned I made sure to get.  The items that I definitely think are worth getting are the Brioche Bread, Egg Custard and the circular pastry with the jelly center (pictured at bottom right), I couldn't remember what the name was but I think it was taro something.  Their milk teas weren't bad either.  Oh and by the way, it's in Bellaire Chinatown, so it's kind of a drive, but definitely worth a visit!