Ohn Korean Eatery (Bellaire Chinatown)


Great decor!  I'm feeling like I'm in South Korea!  Service was awesome, the managers came by often to check in on us and our server was really great and friendly.  On the food, it wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I was thinking it was going to be traditional Korean food and it was not.  It's both a modern take on Korean food and also more fun food?  Like wings, brisket, other dishes I had never had at a Korean restaurant like "cheesy corn", which was a cast iron pan of cheese and corn and I was told is a common bar food item in Korea.  Anyway, I wasn't expecting the style, but I have to say some of the dishes were really good like the garlic soy wings, the brisket, rice cake, but next time I'd like to try some of their more traditional items like the galbi and soups.  I really liked the dessert too it was just ice cream over popped rice and really simple and tasty, we devoured it and baby loved it too!  Can't wait to go back and give the more traditional items a try!