Star fish (Heights/South I-10)


It's new, 3 weeks new, in the old Bradley's Fine Diner spot.  Nice and bright, lots of natural sunlight.  On walking in decor does look similar to some of their other restaurants, Liberty Kitchen group, or members/former members.  We ordered a dozen of Atlantic oysters, fresh and delish, but I wished the horseradish was stronger.  I was glad they brought out crackers too!  I told our server I was a lightweight and like girlie drinks, he recommended the Celtic Kavanagh, which I got.  Huge isn't it?!  Matt had to help me finish it, I was starting to turn beet red!  On food, I ordered the Ahi Tuna Steak which was real nice, Matt got the Lamb tasty and the side that came with it was real substantive, I liked that a lot! And Ethan got the Fried Chicken, which had a different flavor to it and overall tasted great!  We all got our own dessert too, which is very unlike us!  If we liked the restaurant if we get dessert, but we each actually got our own!  I got the Key Lime, which was mm mm mm.  Matt got the Creme Brรปlรฉe Chocolate Cheesecake, and Ethan got the Bread Pudding.  We all really enjoyed the food and when we were leaving the 16 year old said, "that place was really good", which isn't saying much since he's 16, but us old folks liked it too!  Great dining experience!  Side note, I liked how Lee came over and chatted with us and made sure he said bye when we were leaving, that was nice.  Love the beard!