Presidio (Heights)


We were really excited about Presidio! We came Friday night after 8pm and turned out they had an 1.5hr wait, so we left and decided we can make a date night of it and come back on Saturday. On Saturday we can before 8pm and it was a 45 minute wait, which turned out to be just a little over an hour. We actually didn't mind the wait because it was date night and we were hanging out back, which was festive and open and it was a nice evening so it was totally fine. Sitting out there I did happen to notice that the restaurant is considered "kid friendly". I have a baby, but did not bring him... but did notice smoking is allowed on the back patio, Which happens to be next to the kid area?? Clearly that one wasn't thought out very well. And actually, it's really annoying to have smokers here in an eating area... They should just appease the masses and make it a no smoking environment, unless you're outside of the gated area, which you can't control. Anyway, just wanted to make note, it's not really "kid friendly".

So we had a couple of drinks, I had the Pearly Legal, I specifically asked for a girlie drink and since I'm a total light weight asked if the bartender could recommend...he did great! It was perfect! Matt got some drink that had a smokey flavor to it, can't remember the name of it, but he liked it and got another! That was probably the best service we got because once we got inside it was a train wreck! First the first round of orders had to be corrected because they ran out of the dish. The second round of order also had to be corrected, again ran out of the dish, third time, we finally chose some items that were available, the burger and the grouper...which came highly recommended...the burger was good, but the grouper...definitely was not a table favorite. Also, my burger came out first, then 10 minutes later the kiddie dish came out, then some time later the 2 grouper dishes came out, then at last our appetizers came out. Seriously? I can't remember the last time I had such bad service. And I don't blame it on our server...this has got to be a kitchen thing. We decided we ran out of good vibes and decided not to order dessert here. Not a fan. It's disappointing because the place is really cool, great atmosphere...but service and food...needs work.