Adair Kitchen (Galleria)


Adair has been on my list of to dos for at least a year, Easter Sunday seemed like the best day to try a new place in the area.  I haven't been able to make it till just now because, to be honest, it didn't look all least not the food.  No one ever takes pictures of the interior, so I really wasn't expecting such a cute atmosphere!  Now that I'm here, I'm excited!  I love the menu, so many good choices!  Today, I will get my favorite...waffles!  And Will share the omelette with grits!  Seating is difficult, so we sat outside.  We get our food and I am very disappointed.  The waffle wasn't crispy, more limp and limp.  It tasted pretty subpar to.  The omelette was overcooked and the only thing that was somewhat tasty was the grits.  So unfortunately, this one is not going to make it on the return list at my own volition...but if someone wants to try it, I'll give it another try, maybe lunch.