Xochi (Downtown)


Finally, I have arrived!  So far I'm really liking it, nice atmosphere, light and bright.  Same owner as Hugo's and Caracoal...which I like, at least the latter.  I'm a little not sure what to think, I've heard they plate food with insects, I'm not hoping for too much or to be too impressed...but I'm open minded, for now.  Our server recommended a few things which I usually put a lot of stock in, his first the Agua Fresca drink, which I thought was nice, some kind of apple and juices concoction.  The Robalo appetizer is a take on Ceviche, which I do not like because I do not like shrimp, but I did like the Robalo!  I ordered the Enchiladas and Larry got the Atun (tuna), which he said was amazing.  My enchiladas were also really delicious!  Definitely a must try!