Chic Lash Boutique (River Oaks/Montrose)

My last place, I liked my eyelash technician but she was going to be out of town for a month so I couldn't schedule with her and when I tried to schedule for when she was available next they told me I would have to get a full set.  If they saw my eyelashes and felt that was the case I would have been fine with it, but I just didn't like the way they did business so I decided this was the perfect time to look elsewhere if I was going to try.  Found chic boutique and so far I really liked my experience!  Thy didn't tell me I had to get a full set, they saw me, assessed my lashes and charged me appropriately, which was not a full set even though Katie had to basically pull most of them off and replace. I loved the options they had which my previous place did not and I liked how Katie analyzed my lashes and critiqued it!  Awesome!  It's only been a day so I'll have to do an update later on my assessment of the lashes but so far I really like how natural and full they look.  And they also do threading! I hadn't done that in years and it's unlikely I'll continue that as it's a biweekly need and $15 can get pricey every 2 weeks.  Anyway, really liked Chic Lash Boutique and I will be staying here for now!  Oh and one more last thing, it's conveniently located caddy corner to Whole Foods on Waugh, much closer to me!