Celebrating at Steak 48 (River Oaks District)

It's Cecilia's 40th birthday and my first time visiting Steak 48...wow, I really like it!  Really love the atmosphere!  The bar on the first floor has a great atmosphere and energy, love loved it!  It's actually super crowded with beautiful people!  

We eventually get sat at our table, upstairs.  Very different vibe.  Dark, cozy, masculine...not surprised, it's a steakhouse!  Beautiful decor.  It's time to order and we decide to order "family-style".  We ordered the Tomahawk Wagyu, 3 of them, $195 per plate.  Argentinian Sea Bass and Lamb Chops.  Of the 3, many of us liked the Lamb Chops the best.  The Wagyu was disappointing, but that might of been because I got a bad cut, mostly fat.  We also ordered the seafood tower, oysters were fabulous!  Long story short, I definitely would like to go back...but order my own dish!  Great bar to hang out at and awesome people watching!