The Kitchen at the Dunlavy (Lost Lake Allen Parkway)

I had heard from one friend they loved it and heard from another friend the food was mixed reviews.  We decided to go Valentines weekend and what a day!  Perfect for an outdoor brunch!  Unfortunately everyone had the same idea!  The line was out the door, but a fairly quick line.  The breakfast menu is pretty small, I ordered the Avocado Toast with Scrambled eggs and picked up the Fruit, Granola over Yogurt with Chia Seeds.  Matt ordered the Breakfast Sandwich (Eggs, Bacon, Kale on English Muffin) and a coffee, and Ethan ordered 2 Cranberry Rosemary Biscuits, the Blueberry Cake and an Orange Juice.  Matt and I liked our meals, he said the coffee was good too but, Ethan only really dug into the Blueberry Cake but he thought it was too sweet.  I tried it with the icing and thought so too.  He doesn't ever want to come back.  He's a total breakfast person and their limited menu was not to his liking.  I tried his biscuits and they weren't bad.  He said his oj was good though.  I guess this will be a me and Matt place.

Neither one of us loved it, but we liked it.  The atmosphere is nice, but the overload on chandeliers was a little confusing.  The food is actually priced reasonably, but the chandeliers make it seem fancy, which is sort of conflicting.  Anyways, it's a nice place, great outdoor space, if you can find a spot.  They have heaters outside too, which made it a really comfortable spot, inside was freezing!  All in all, nice place.