Eight Row Flint (Heights)

You know that old gas station on Yale and 11th that was being converted...well it's finally opened!  I got a chance to try 8 Row Flint and I really liked it!  It's got 4 tacos on the menu, Brussel Sprouts, Chicken, Pork and Beef.  They also have chips with salsa, guac, or queso.  And of course they sell whiskey, lots of it, beer, and other mixed cocktails.  

It's a really nice atmosphere.  Super open and casual and looks like they're drawing a great crowd, a nice mixed crowd, which is nice.  Sasha and I sat at the bar, she ordered a mixed drink with orange peels, I wasn't in the mood to drink so I just ordered chips, salsa, and the guac.  On food, we enlist the bartender's help and she says she's only been there a week but she says the Brussel Sprouts Taco is the most popular, but she likes the Pork best, and since I'm not a huge pork fan I ordered the Brussel Sprouts and the Chicken Taco and...the Brussel Sprouts was sooooo good!  So good that I ordered another one and made Sasha try it and she thought it was sooooo good too!  The chips and salsa were great too.  I loved the thick chips.  I definitely want to come back and have that Brussel Sprouts Taco again.  

The kitchen is located in the food truck in the back of the lot.  Interesting idea.  Those big barrels contain whiskey, which is kind of neat.  You can see the tubes neatly organized along the barrels around the walls and onto the pouring spouts.  Really nice decor, cozy, fun, casual, really cool place.