Morningstar (Heights)


Really cute place, but the doughnuts are not good.  They definitely do not have the right dough to sweet ratio down.  I did let them know my feedback while I was there.  I took most of these doughnuts home for he family and when I got home the 15 year old who is a doughnut connoisseur, had 2 doughnut hole and passed on everything.  He said it was, to be kind, not good.  

I personally like Mochi so I got the mochi cake and that I did like.   But, I think you have to like mochi and maybe even be Asian to appreciate it. 

I ran into a client/friend and she said the lunch menu is good.  Same owners of Blacksmith and this place supposed to have an Asian flare.  I like the idea, the place is cool, but the food, so far what I've tried, is not that great.