Finding Avalon Stationery & Gifts (Upper Kirby)

You know...there's something about that small mom and pop shop.  In this world of big store chains it's nice to come across a sweet little shop like Avalon.  I had a sweet lady help me with my new personal work stationary.  She really took the time to help me through the selections and designing it and just really provided not only great customer service but personal care, which I really appreciate.  Especially knowing how picky I can be, she really helped with the details on proper etiquette for personal stationary.  That was awesome!  Turns out she's the owner!  They're really great there and if you're looking for stationary and gifts, what a wonderful place to support!  Love local businesses!  Especially those that deserve it!  I purchased 100 personalized notecards and envelopes each, came out to $200.   

I was actually on my way to Paper Source when I happen to see Avalon Stationary.  I'm so glad I gave it a chance.   Truthfully, it might have been a tad more but it was worth the help and experience.  And you know us inner loopers love uniqueness and character, so if you're looking for stationary and gifts, check out Avalon!