Best Wine Bar, Beckrew? (Upper Kirby)

I read recently somewhere that Beckcrew might be the best, current wine bar?  Well today, I decided I would find out for myself for happy hour.  Located in the former Tasting Room spot and I find I like the new mid-century modern atmosphere. And more importantly, I really liked the array of cheeses and chaucuterie spread that I walked up to!  Tasty and that blue cheese, you know I despise blue cheese, but this cheddar blue cheese was delicious!  Mostly because it didn't taste like blue cheese but had the texture and taste of cheddar.  And chorizo, it's my favorite cured meat, mm...had some of that too.  I did like most of our selections, but as the night went on, I found the items not as exciting, including the baked brie.  They also had these pickled okra, tasted like pickles but consistency like okra, I loved it!  They also have these wonderful selections of honey, never seen that before.  We tried Mike's hot spicy honey, love loved it!

When we walked in at 5pm, maybe 2 other tables were taken, but by 8pm Oscar noticed there were a ton of ladies and only 4 men in the whole joint.  So know what I'm thinking...great place to see some pretty ladies!  We had a nice time, our server and bartender was great, we enjoyed it, I will definitely be returning!  And please forgive me, my battery ran out of my camera, so must resort to the iphone.