Asia Market Restaurant Open!! (Heights/East of 45)

Like everyone, I too was wondering if Asia Market's restaurant had opened yet.  I did a cursory search and kept finding the new owner's of the grocery store, Asia Market Thai Lao Food.  But it is not to be confused with "Asia Market Restaurant", which is on the other side of 45...just a few short minutes.

On arriving, it's actually a nice space inside.  It was good to finally see the owner's after several months of not and it was good to see them in their new space...finally.  However, it was unclear to Jodie and I what the protocol was.  We sat for so long, we thought I was supposed to go up and order at the bar.  But, we figured it out and a server finally came and greeted us after 15 minutes.  They're definitely a work in progress, still trying to figure things out.  Looks like they have all new staff and the food seemed a little different.  But, the owners assured me the cook is the same and has been with her since the beginning.  Ok well, maybe just an off day.  

Anyways, I plan to be back with everyone else I've introduced to Asia Market because I'm super supportive of the owners and they need a lot of support.  It's got to be the scariest thing to open a brand new business and they could use all the help in getting the word out, so spread the word, they're officially open!!

Dishes above are the Thai style Papaya Salad, med spicy, Kee Mao Noodles with Chicken, med spicy, Crispy Rice Salad, and a small order of Sticky Rice.