Three Days in Santa Barbara!

And a last stop over back in Los Angeles.  Pictures of food, in order, Los Agaves, Arigato, McConnell's Ice Cream, Tupelo Junction Cafe, Mesa Verde, Persona Pizza, Anderson's Bakery, D'Angelo's Bakery, and lastly Kang Do Hong Dae Restaurant (Los Angeles)...all great!  You would think the highlight of the trip was skydiving for sure, but it was not!  Instead We did the highest jump in the nation, 18,000 feet and I think we all permanently damaged our eardrums!  Jumping out of the plane was frightening and exhilarating, I'm glad I did it, but it was definitely not the most comfortable experience.  I enjoyed the paddle boarding the most, the great eats and as an acquaintance of mine says, "friendship time".  We had full days and we really enjoyed our girls trip to Santa Barbara!  Beautiful city!