Jun Won (Koreantown)

I mean, if you're going to be in Los Angeles, you have to have Korean food!  I looked up Jun Won  Restaurant, who seems to get really high marks from the local scene.  Getting there was pretty easy, finding the actual restaurant was another thing.  We walked around the building, followed a sign, went up some stairs, then down some stairs, ended up back on the front side of the building and then looked a little more carefully and saw a door finally that kind of looked...oh yes, there's a sign "Open", and someone sees us and opens the door, thank God, else we might have just given up.  It is really a nondescript place and after looking at the menu were questioning why we were here.  But we decided to stick it through and I have to tell you the service was great and the food was awesome, super flavorful and tasty!

We ordered the bean soup (dwen jang jigae) which tasted an in between of traditional bean soup and kimchi soup.  We loved it, it was really good, cooked really well.  The spices and soup had all seeped into the tofu nicely, yum, perfection.  We also ordered the kimchi with pork dish and that was really good too.  Again, marinated through and all the spices and flavors were really seeped into the kimchi and pork.  Our server recommended this combination instead of the 2 soups we were going to get.  She strongly suggested and we're glad she did.

We had another friend come, late, an hour late and they were so nice to remove all the old dishes and prepare her a new setting with new side dishes and heat up the soup for her along with her order.  That was unexpected and we were all very impressed with their service!  But do keep in mind the menu is heavy on the fish, which everyone there seem to know.  Mostly Koreans, which is always a good sign.  I love this place!