Sqirl For Lunch in Los Angeles

I ate too much!  The food was so good.  Much creactivity and pure deliciousness, mm mm good!  All these unexpected flavors, the tart, smooth, ahhh...delicious!  I feel inspired just eating the food!   Definitely try the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl, I added a couple more poached eggs to balance the protein carb ratio and also added some kale and avocado, at cashier's recommendation....great suggestion!  And also got the Brioche Blackberry and Peach Jam...Blackberry better.

There was a bit of a line, but I came in just after 1245pm so figure there should be one, but it wasn't out the door or anything.  Nice place, a must try!  I know, this place is old news to the locals, but to me it's new and so fresh!  I love love it here!  Love the creativity, I want to take this cute little dive back with me to Houston!