Smoosh Cookies (Rice Village)

For our regular Friday treat day, I took the 14 year-old with me and to my great pleasure he decided he wanted to try my suggestion, Smoosh Cookies, rather than our regular doughnuts or Menchie's...after he looked at some pictures online, that is.  So we head there and we were not expecting a food truck, as it had an address listed online, but I guess this is their temporary home for now.  We walk up and as the menu shows, you pick your choice of cookie, ice cream and a topping.  Ethan chose chocolate chip with peanut butter brownie ice cream, and an oreo cookie topping.  Talk about too much going on.  He's not really in tune with the concep of cohesive flavors, but he said it was good and he liked it and he would definitely go back.  I got the oatmeal cookies, with French vanilla and no toppings....and it tasted like 2 cookies with ice cream in between.  It was good, but I didn't really think there was anything really special going on with it and really, if I was craving something like this, I would just go get 2 cookies and stick some ice cream in between.  It's not really rocket science, but hey, it was fun and I'm glad we checked it out.