B&B Butchers (Washington)

I was super interested in making a visit and since we still have a week of Restaurant Week left, we decided to visit.  Unfortunately, their earliest availability this week was Monday at 8pm, so that's when we decided to go.  Matt and I both ordered the Wedge Salad, he with Blue Cheese dressing and since I despise Blue Cheese, I went with the server's suggestion, Balsamic Vinagrette, which was not really a good choice, in my opinion.  A Wedge works better with a creamy sauce, anyways...  We both ordered the 8 oz Filet Mignon, Matt ordered his medium rare, mine was medium and they both seemed to be cooked the same, more rare, which was fine by me.  The Filet was amazing, wow delicious!  Really tasty, perfection.  We also had 3 glasses of wine between the two of us, which went perfect with our steaks.  Our desserts were good, but by far...the steak was the standout, perfection!  The others were all subpar, in my opinion.  The atmosphere was nice, not overdone, simple, and masculine.  Good place for a really nice steak.  The charity portion of our meal, the restaurant donates $7 per meal.  Our bill came out to $172 including tip so a $14 donation seems a little ridiculous as a reason to eat, dine out for charity...but you know, it's an excuse and I guess $14 is better than nothing.