Last Dinner at Ada St 1664

We found Ada through our server Sara from Little Goat.  She highly recommended it and she was so sweet and helpful to arrange dinner reservations for us the same evening.  Who does that?  No one!  She heard we were not having such great luck with food in Chicago and made it her mission to change that for us.  It's people like her and the people at Ada that really care about local food that make the culinary scene so exciting.  They really wowed us and helped end our trip on a super high note!

Anyways, back to Ada...when we arrived, from the hostess, gm, executive chef, and our servers we were really treated with such great care.  They were all so great!  About the restaurant, the building, man it is super cool.  We loved the atmosphere!  An urban, outdoorsy, creative, and festive environment, we loved it!  I could not capture through photos the wonderful vibe it had, but it was urban cool.

On food, with the help of our server we ordered the Shiseto Peppers, Gnocchi, Pork Ribs, Steak Tartar (not sure on spelling), and we added the Bacon Salad changed to feta cheese, Linguine, Pretzel bun ala mode dessert and Chef Zoe sent us the Octopus and Chocolate Grenache dessert.  We loved how creative and how much love was put in the food.  We especially loved the Ribs, but everything was so good, super delicious!  Our mouths were overjoyed with orgamic pleasure, enjoying each bite.  We knew it was going to be another one of those nights where we would be uncomfortably stuffed, and we were.   Service was excellent!  A definite must try!