MF Sushi (Museum District)

I know you're thinking to yourself, when are you going to get your camera?  And to that I say, soon.  I sold my camera a couple of months ago so I'm sorry that you are subjected to photos off my iphone, but I promise, soon.

Now, the reason why I am blogging is to share about the good news of MF Sushi!  I know their architect, same as the architect and builder of Triniti.  Nice.  I love that backdrop of the orient behind the sushi chefs.  As Matt noticed, the sushi bar area looked different from what you're used glass partition between the chefs and the patrons.  It looks like all their ingredients are built into the counterop bar.  

Now to the food!  I typically like clean, simple, sushi, sashimi will do thank you.  And I don't typically go for all the pizazzy stuff...but at MF Sushi, their signatures nigiri is the best!  I would pass on the ginger salad and mochi ice cream, just stick to the sushi.  Sorry, I can't find their menu online else I would tell you what we ordered, but pretty much most of the nigiri items, expensive but super delicious!  Our server was really great, but also forgot his name.  I definitely liked the new digs, always love their food, great option for high end sushi!