Revisiting Underbelly (Montrose)

I have only been to Underbelly once before, so to finish off Matt's birthday we decided to revisit Underbelly.  We sat in a different dining room this time, the big, open, main space, it was nice.  I was just reminded how nice this restaurant was and how I should come here more often.  I was a little embarrassed at my dress as we were not intending to go to Underbelly, a big white t-shirt, cut off shorts and some Chacos...I looked like a tree hugger.  But, they didn't seem to care, they sat us at the community table right in front of the kitchen where we could see Chris Shepherd very close up.   

We ordered through our server, forget her name, Asian lady....she was super great.  We enjoyed her peppy and pleasant personality.  She helped us order, we for sure got the Korean Rice Cakes, she helped us with the Market Vegetable dish (which we really liked, but a tad too much on the soy sauce, but still overall good),  We also ordered the Tomato Salad, which we really liked, nice and fresh.  We went with our own pick for the Butcher's cut steak dish, which I thought was a little salty, but Matt really liked.  We probably should've gone with her suggestion and went with the Snapper.

So I had mentioned how close we were sitting from Chris Shepherd and surprisingly he sent over a free dish, the Chicken with foot, and beans and meat dish.  It was pretty good, we really appreciated how nice that was of him to do that.  But goodness...between that extra dish and the Fried Pie, oh man...we were so stuffed.  You think we would just not eat all of each dish, but it's hard because each dish isn't that big so you feel it's so wasteful and not to mention it's all just so good.  I can't remember the last time I was that full, I literally looked like I was 4 months preganant!  Next time, I'll try to be better...keyword, "try".  I really should come back here more often, the hardest part, not overeat!  One tip, skip the Fried Pie and definitely get the Vinegar Pie, so unexpectedly good!