Soma Sushi Lunch (Washington Corridor)

So, you know lately I've been seeing a trainer and now he's in my ear on a weekly basis about my diet so I've been really trying to tighten up my eating.  That means, going out has to be better in line with my nutrition plan, so I've been visitng sushi more frequently than I have been in the last 2 years.  Other than Uchi, my favorite go to sushi restaurant is Aka Sushi on W. Alabama.  They have a great lunch special that includes a roll, 3 pieces of nigiri and soup and salad, $13...not bad!  I usually get tuna and avocado for my roll and the peppercorn tuna nigiri.  

Then for a friend's birthday I visited Kata Robata, her choice.  I hadn't been there since they first opened.  I posted about that visit about 2 posts ago.  Again, great experience, but that was a dinner meal.  We ordered the Chef's Sashimi plate.  I thought the sushi there was great too, but will have to visit for lunch to compare apples to apples.  This time, I visited Soma Sushi on Washington.  Jodie and I decided to try the Ramen, which was fine, not the best I've had.  Our server was great, he gave great suggestions on how to get what I wanted.  I basically customized the roll and made a tuna and avocado roll, flipped inside out, for bigger pieces, his suggestion.  Then got tuna sashimi and 2 peppercorn tuna nigiri.  I thought the sushi quality on the nigiri and in the rolls did not taste very good.  However, the tuna sashimi was excellent.  I didn't really care for the as very "boot and pants and boots and pants"...that's my version of club music.