Aka Sushi Lunch


I just realized I haven't blogged at all about my go to sushi place!  I forget to mention places I frequent.  Well, like I mentioned previously,  I have been trying to make better choices when out for eats because of both my trainer and nutrionist.  My go to sushi restaurant is Aka Sushi on W. Alabama.  They have a great lunch special that includes a roll, 3 pieces of nigiri and soup and salad, $13!  I usually get tuna and avocado for my roll and the peppercorn tuna nigiri.  It's easy, everything I like and comes all in one deal with this super great price and my pleases my nutritionist and trainer!

So I've been on this sort of mission to try all the sushi restaurants in town for a great lunch special.  But, let me mention, I will not try just any sushi restaurant.  I'm super duper picky when it comes to sushi.  I didn't grow up eating sushi, long story, but basically, I most only visit sushi restaurants that have a good reputation.