New! Flower Piggy (Longpoint/Gessner)

I have to be honest, I love this owner personally after frequenting his restaurant on Longpoint called Bonga.  It's where I go out to eat my Korean food.  So I have been noticing Bonga has been getting excessively crowded these days and last time I went he told me to go to his other restaurant that they just opened called Flower Piggy.  So the loyal customer that I am, 2 days later, here I am trying it for the first time with my mother for lunch.  The side dishes come out and they were ok, half I liked, half I didn't.  For my main meal, I ordered the bibeembap, which is rice, beef, and veggies in a hot stone bowl, which was actually pretty good.  My mom got the mul naengmyun (water noodles), her usual and she liked hers as well.  We also love the owners, they are super nice and sweet people!  The wife/cook came out and chatted with us a bit.  I think it's her and her son that's running this one.

The decor, like most Korean restaurants, is lacking.  I'm pretty sure they did nothing after taking over the old place here.  Maybe a new coat of paint, gray and just other little things.  I would some really neat things, like a sit on the floor area, like they do in South Korea.  Anyways, I digress...great option, if you don't really care so much for atmosphere.